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Elevate Kids

Helping Kids in Our Communities

If you have met Melinda and Doug, I'm sure you would agree that they are excellent company to be around and pass the vibe that anything can be done. They both like to set goals and achieve them (hence doing the Colorado Trail 3 times previously) but they wanted to start something bigger than themselves. They wanted to help kids in our valley. So while thinking about completing the Colorado Trail again, but running this time, Melinda thought "why not make it about something bigger than ourselves"? Doug and Mel brainstormed about how and who to help. They considered several organizations but none of them were really jumping out until they learned about Kid's Aid. 

For those of you who don't know, Kid's Aid is a much-needed program in our valley. It was started in 2004 by Mike Berry. While Mike was dropping off his daughter at school he encountered a little girl that was crying. He asked the girl why she was sad. He learned that this child hadn't slept well the night before because she slept in a cold car and that she was hungry. This moved Mike to start Kids Aid and help children by supplying food to kids who need it with the backpack program. But Doug and Mel didn't stop at helping one organization. They also included the local Intermountain Adventist Academy, where their daughter attends school. 

After considerable effort on their part, getting in front of local Rotary Clubs, letter campaigns, churches, BNI, and other volunteer groups spreading the word about raising funds for the Academy and Kids Aid, Doug and Melinda said they raised about $25,000 by the time they were done running the trail last time. The really cool part is that the money raised allowed the Intermountain Adventist Academy here in Grand Junction to expand its programs to the ninth and tenth grades. "We never imagined it would grow like this," Mel said with a happy smile. 

It's not just the Chasing the Sky project but last year Mel and Doug included another fundraiser with the Elevate Kid's Fun Run. That event raised $14,000 after expenses that went directly to Kid's Aid and the Academy. They are hoping to make the fun run a yearly event. If you would like to be a part of that you can register for the event at, click on the event tab, and sign up!

Mel and Doug have big hopes. With the goal to hit the Fastest Known Time on the Colorado Trail, and the second Fun Run. They are Chasing the Sky with their goals and we are excited to help them. If you would like to watch the documentary of the first run you can go to