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Justin Tartol of Elevate Life Nutrition understands overall wellness

Justin Tartol understands that his new customers may be a bit overwhelmed by the enormous menu of over 60 shakes and 80 varieties of iced teas at his business, Elevate Life Nutrition. But all that apprehension melts away as Justin and his staff guide them to the perfect mouthwatering selection depending on whether they’re feeling a little sluggish, trying to lose weight, or simply looking for a tasty (healthy!) drink.

At Elevate Life Nutrition, Justin provides customers with meal replacement shakes, energy teas, hydrating Refreshers, and protein coffee drinks that are nutritious, satisfying, and pretty darn yummy. He sums up the concept of Elevate Life Nutrition in one sentence: “We trick people into being healthy.” And with bright eyes, a wide smile, and infectious high energy, Justin is a walking advertisement for his beverages. To drive the point home, he brings up photos on his phone as proof of his 40-pound weight loss, which he achieved simply by incorporating these drinks into his daily life. “I didn’t even notice the weight loss until people said something,” says Justin. “Plus, my pants started falling off.”   

Much more than a place to grab a drink and go, Justin and his team are committed to helping their customers be happy and healthy. “Not only can we help people lose weight, we can also help them gain healthy muscle mass, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Justin. “We of course look at each person and see exactly what they’re going to need, but in the most general sense to lose weight you replace two meals a day with shakes, have one healthy well-balanced meal, and healthy snacks in between.” As a bonus, he can help you plan those well-balanced meals, and you can buy everything you need in the store to make the drinks at home.

Elevated shakes come in delectable flavors such as Lemon Sugar Cookie and are packed with nutrients. Justin says, “Our shakes have everything you need in a well-balanced meal with 24 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals for less than 300 calories.” He is proud that the base for all his drinks comes from the nutritional product company, Herbalife Nutrition. “What I like about Herbalife is that every product goes through rigorous scientific testing. I stand behind Herbalife and am really proud to be a part of their 40-year history,” he says. Each shake begins with a mixture of ice, water, and Herbalife’s shake mixes, then frozen fruit and toppings such as whipped cream and sprinkles can be added for an extra treat.

Looking for a burst of energy without loads of sugar and calories? Try a Georgia Peach Elevated Tea containing 160 milligrams of caffeine and crammed with vitamins, antioxidants, ginseng, and aloe, which Justin explains is great for the digestive system, and helps you absorb nutrients. Protein-packed hot or iced coffee drinks and Refreshers—electrolyte-filled hydration drinks perfect for refueling after a workout—round out the menu. 

For Justin, helping the people of Missoula thrive extends beyond the doors of his business. “I’m always looking to be involved with local sports and the community,” he says. He does this by providing drink deals to high school and university athletes, and he recently sponsored the Big Sky High School cheerleading team on their trip to nationals.

When you walk through the door of Elevate Life Nutrition you instantly become much more than a customer. “Something that sets us apart from your average coffee shop is that we want everyone who comes here to feel like they’re coming in to see a friend,” he says. “It’s corny, but we want to elevate their day. It feels good to know I’m serving people things that are good for them, and we’re making them feel good. When I get a new employee, I show them one of our reviews that says ‘Every time I leave Elevate, I feel better than I did when I walked in.’ That’s our goal.”

See more information and their two locations at ElevateLifeNutritionMT.com.

"It feels good to know I’m serving people things that are good for them, and we’re making them feel good.” - Justin Tartol

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