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Photo by Mauricio Hernandez

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Elevate the Everyday

Reagan Bregman shares insight on her life as a busy mom, entrepreneur, and finding the right work/life balance.

Reagan Bregman has people talking, not about her adorable son Knox or the Astros' postseason run, but about her new partnership with Shaftel Diamonds. The busy wife, mom, and entrepreneur just launched a line of jewelry called With Love by Reagan Bregman

Just in time for the holiday season, shoppers can get their hands on an array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The 14-piece collection has a minimal aesthetic and is made with 18-karat gold vermeil and natural white sapphires. "I had a busy, on-the-go woman in mind when I created this line. I was always looking for higher quality pieces so they would last me longer," said Bregman. "I wanted something elevated, dainty, and easy for anyone to throw on and go about their day."

Bregman, who plans to add to the collection with colored sapphire gameday pieces, says everything in the initial With Love launch has special meaning behind it and was inspired by her family and son. She added that working with Shaftel Diamonds made the design process easy. "We could see the CAD designs in the office, and they could make samples there. Every piece of jewelry came from drawings I made and conversations we had – they helped bring my vision to life."

Although Bregman's latest jewelry collaboration is one of her top priorities, she is looking forward to partnering with businesses that are experts at what they do in the coming year. She recently worked with the streetwear brand Municipal and is excited about working more with Texas favorite H-E-B. 

Admitting that she has wanted to start a business since she was ten, Bregman is focused on taking her time and learning from her first venture as founder and CEO of the athleisure brand, Exiza, which is shuttering at the end of the year. "With Exiza coming to a close, I am trying to learn what I can and grow from that," she says. "I put so much into it, so it is really sad, but I am trying to look at it positively. It is where my entrepreneurial journey began, and I am definitely not done yet."

Bregman, who works six days a week between one-year-old Knox's nap times and periodic help from family, says she wouldn't be able to balance working and mom life without a strong support system. She has spent the past year learning how to have a satisfying career – something she can call her own. "Having a career fulfills me, and so does motherhood, but there is a lot that goes into it – way more than people see from the outside," she says. "Especially with Alex's baseball schedule, travel, and the late nights. Everything has pros and cons – it's about figuring out what that balance is and being fulfilled in both areas."

These days, during the offseason, juggling work and family time gets a tad bit easier. Bregman is all about soaking up some awesome family moments with Alex and Knox. The trio are making travel plans and loving every second of enjoying a slower pace of life for the next few months.

"Having a career fulfills me, and so does motherhood, but there is a lot that goes into it – way more than people see from the outside." – Reagan Bregman

  • Photo courtesy of Reagan Bregman
  • Photo by Mauricio Hernandez
  • Photo by Mauricio Hernandez
  • Photo by The Rosemary Hen Photography
  • Photo courtesy of Reagan Bregman
  • Photo by Dayton Box Photography
  • Photo by Mauricio Hernandez
  • Photo by Mauricio Hernandez