Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics

Offering Non-invasive Treatments With Little/No Downtime

Let’s face it. What we see in the mirror plays a major role in how we feel and how we face the world.

I recently spoke with Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics ( owner Ashley Willeford, APRN, about the wide range of services offered at this medical spa located at 2312 N. Interstate Drive in Norman—all of which are non-invasive and require little to no downtime!

“We have several different lasers that help with skin conditions that range from simple acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, all the way to complete skin rejuvenation and tightening for the aging skin,” she says.

“We have a full portfolio of injectables, including neurotoxins, dermal fillers and biostimulators. We also offer body treatments that help reduce fat and cellulite, along with skin tightening. If you are interested in a pick-me-up for energy or immunity, we have IV Vitamin Therapy and B12 injections. And for those suffering from hormone imbalances, we have BioTe Hormone Replacement Therapy.”

Looking for a bit of well-deserved pampering and a facial treatment that will help you put your best step forward? Yep, that’s offered, too!

“We have a list of traditional facials or three different tiers of Hydrafacials to choose from,” Ashley says.

Most popular service/s?

Definitely our injectables portfolio. We offer a discount day for botox products (first Monday of the month) and dermal filler products (second Friday). Our staff is highly trained in all of our injectables; they attend continuing education conferences and advanced classes.

Most cutting-edge device/service?

We are privileged to be one of only two locations in the state to offer triLift. This cutting-edge device addresses the main concerns of aging, all in one device: facial muscles, skin and volume.

First, Dynamic Muscle Stimulation technology works by activating different facial muscles with electrical stimulation for a well-defined, toned and lifted look. Second, focused radiofrequency thickens and strengthens the dermal layer to treat facial wrinkles, regenerating collagen and elastin with clinically proven long-lasting results. Lastly, smooth radiofrequency-assisted microneedling increases the natural volume and tightens and smooths the skin texture while causing three times more natural production of hyaluronic acid.

Best-kept beauty secret?

We believe the best-kept beauty secret is medical-grade skincare. You can invest in your skin and body with all the devices and procedures we offer, but if you aren’t going to put in the work daily while you are at home, your results will only be short-lived. We offer free skincare consultations at any visit.

Who are your clients?

We see both men and women. To date, our youngest client is 6 and our oldest is 92.

What sets Elevate Wellness apart?

The biggest accomplishment of opening Elevate Wellness and Aesthetics is the relationships that we build with the people who come in. Some 90% who walk through our door end up being lifelong friends. My goal is for everyone who walks into the facility to feel welcomed and immediately know they’ll be cared for by highly trained staff on a personal level, not just transactional. We never want to change the way anyone looks but rather enhance their natural beauty or to help improve something that bothers them.

Community service/involvement

We donate services and gift cards throughout the year to local athletes to raise money for their teams and to organizations to raise money at events, such as Cavett Kids, City Center and Ally’s House, to name a few.

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"Some 90% who walk through our door end up being lifelong friends."

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