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A sneak peek inside the closet of active mom and entrepreneur Keri Tarantino of Leawood, KS reveals a dressing room that rivals celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. But it didn’t come easily. Keri painstakingly planned, designed and curated the space with care.

When we first stepped inside, we gasped as our eyes beheld the glory. No detail went unnoticed in this dreamy dressing room. Here are some guiding principles that can be drawn from her exquisite taste and vision. How you organize your closet will of course differ based on the size of your space, the size of your wardrobe, and the kind of life you lead. But applying the guidelines Keri used in her space will result in a much more organized and aesthetically pleasing space. 

Every woman dreams of an organized and beautiful closet space, but it often comes last on the list of places that get their time and attention. Follow our nine tips for transforming and elevating your closet as you Spring clean and declutter for a more peaceful, inspired space you absolutely love.

Use real estate wisely

Reserve the front and middle of the closet for clothes worn most often. For someone who gets dressed for work each morning at 6 a.m., work clothes should be at the front of the closet. Store lesser-worn items like formal wear and out-of-season clothes toward the back and on the upper shelves. The large mirror and counter with chair provides the perfect spot to select jewelry and finalize finishing outfit touches. While every closet is different, the key here is everything has a home.

Organize by kind and color

Group clothes by kind first and color second. This ensures quick location of that favorite shirt when it’s needed. Bonus - it’s easy on the eye. Group like with like: Gather belts, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, dresses, button-down shirts, jeans, shorts, etc., and decide the best place to store each item as a group (e.g., hang pants in the closet, fold and stack sweaters in a bureau). Working with groupings will help you figure out how much space you need and the best way to store each type of item.

Upgraded hangers 

The simplest and fastest way to make a BIG difference in your closet organization is to get matching hangers that go beyond the traditional plastic or wire hangers. And for sure ditch any with paper from the dry cleaner! Here’s a few of our favorite elevated hangers: QR CODE HERE

Face clothes the same direction

It may seem silly, but when dealing with a small space, little things count. Hanging all clothes the same direction is a no-brainer for continuity in your closet.

Negative space 

Using space efficiently is important, but keep in mind every good design includes some negative space. For instance, consider adding built-ins on the long wall of your closet but keep the short wall open with a mirror.

Hidden storage

Hidden storage is a game changer in keeping a closet visually clean. Tuck folded clothes behind closed cabinet doors if the space is multipurpose. The floor-to-ceiling built-ins in Keri’s closet contain folded clothes, athleisure and other items she needs as she gets ready each day. Tuck away the least-used items: Use hidden storage and the very top of the closet for out-of-season items and stuff only worn a few times a year.

Bag & Shoe storage

Alternate the way shoes are facing. This ultimately helps fit more on each row and provide a visually appealing way to display those prized possessions.

Everyone understands the frustration of searching for that one clutch when rushing out for the evening. Bags benefit from a space all their own. Get clear container storage for small bags and purses so you can locate and access them easily. 


Lighting is everything in a closet. Gone are the days of dim recessed lighting being sufficient. Consider adding a statement lighting fixture like a chandelier or pendant that provides ample bright lighting to your space, no matter how big or small. 

Make a statement

Why use an armchair when you have room for a sofa? Slide up a stool and colorful area rug to complete the look. If you have excessive wall space, consider a mini gallery wall or a statement wall with wallpaper to polish things off.

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