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A Lit Holiday Season

Event experts Tanya and Ashley give some tips on how to elevate your gatherings.

Last year, parties and gatherings were mostly canceled due to the pandemic, and so many of us are looking forward to attending great holiday celebrations. Tanya Robinson and Ashley Riddle, from AlphaLit, know a little about adding sparkle and fun to special occasions. They typically work their magic with lit marquee letters, balloons and photo booth options (in Albuquerque + Santa Fe + El Paso). Whether you are hosting family, framily or a mix, our experts give tips to help you create memorable, guest-centric experiences.  

Our experts advise selecting a holiday theme and a color scheme that brings you joy and helps focus your entertaining momentum. Tanya prefers traditional holiday themes but says she also likes to incorporate fun seasonal trends. Lighting is Tanya's ideal way to create magic and awe! Beautiful mood lighting will inspire guests to snap lots of pics and mingle.

Put a bit of effort into decorating your door or entryway to set the tone for your gathering. Next, pick a couple of areas where your guests will likely spend the most of their time, like the dinner table. Add decorations that play to your theme. Ashley suggests, “Think easy and outside the box! For example, decorate a simple mixing bowl by throwing in a couple of holiday-themed dish towels, spatulas, mini rolling pin, or other small decorative pieces you have." It’s the small personalized details that guests will remember. 

Creating the perfect ambiance is a must but it doesn’t have to be a chore! Think cross-functional. Make a batch of spiced cider in a crockpot or on the stove. This delicious non-alcoholic drink is perfect to serve to friends and family, plus your home will smell amazing! If you want to get LIT, then just add your choice of spirits! It’s an easy win-win!

Experiencing the holidays through the eyes of children is so much fun! Tanya says, “For Thanksgiving, we always make cupcakes and decorate them like turkeys, with details of feathers and all! Cookies for Santa are a must! We make big and little cookies, decorate them however the kids like, and then taste the extras before heading to bed to make sure Santa will love them too!”  

Being the hostess-with-the-mostest means it's your job to keep everyone entertained, so be prepared. Ashley suggests setting up a game of cornhole in the backyard or a station for roasting marshmallows. Keep plenty of warm blankets on hand if guests will be spending time outside. Create fun playlists for dancing and singing because great music always elevates a party! 

If you enjoy baking like Tanya, give the gift of love through food! Send each guest home with a small gift bag filled with your favorite holiday goodies. Attach a small card with the recipe written on it. Creating small moments to be thankful for is what the holidays are all about. Enjoy!

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