Elevate Your Home with Antiques

Hidden treasures and vintage finds await at Bellevue’s antique mall

Jane Kennedy spent more than 20 years working in oncology, but the importance of that role warranted a hobby just for fun. She started collecting antiques, a passion that would ultimately evolve into her second act career. 

Jane developed a particular affinity for collecting depression glass, those stunning translucent, colorful cups and pieces of serving ware often marked by beautiful imperfections. Additionally, she curated her own collection of vintage lamps and lampshades, many from a California-based designer who uses vintage fabrics and worn wedding dresses to craft her pieces. 

What started out as a hobby for me once I retired became a new retirement career,” Jane says. “I had been a longtime dealer here in town, and there was an opportunity to purchase the mall.” 

The sizable space off Highway 70 was already an antique mall, where Jane was a vendor selling her own finds. When the owners were ready to retire, she jumped at the opportunity to start a small business, and 70 South Antiques was born. 

“I don’t know that I ever thought I would be a small business owner, but it turned out that it was a great opportunity,” Jane shares. “I was doing something that I had a passion for and loved for many, many years. It was a good fit.” 

Today, the antique mall features 45 vendors showcasing their carefully curated finds, which include everything from artwork to furniture, collectibles, home decor, handmade items, barware, jewelry, and more. 

“Because I would say we’re a medium size antique mall, it’s a luxury for me to have a wide direction of style, genre, and price points,” Jane shares, noting that there’s something for everyone at 70 South Antiques. While the types of products available vary, there are a variety of styles available to shop as well. Think: mid-century modern, traditional, French, painted furniture, and more. 

Antiquing is a time-honored tradition for finding time-honored pieces, and it’s continuing to grow in popularity despite online shopping trends only increasing. It’s important to touch and feel when looking for the perfect new (though pre-loved) addition to your home, and when it comes to antiques, you never know where inspiration may strike. 

“The thing that we hear very often from customers coming in the store is, ‘Oh my gosh, my grandmother had that’ or ‘my mother had that,’” Jane shares. “The sense of having things that are handed down from generation to generation is becoming important again.” 

While Jane lived in the Middle Tennessee area since the 1990s, taking over 70 South Antiques was her first entry into the Bellevue community, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. 

“I really appreciate how supportive and welcoming the Bellevue community has been,” she adds.

Jane also notes that getting into vintage collecting is often a low-cost hobby that allows you to learn as you go, one that led to becoming a small business owner after a career in healthcare. This May, Jane and the team at 70 South Antique Mall will celebrate their fifth anniversary.

While shopping in person is the best way to find the perfect piece for your home, follow along for news, inventory, and announcements on their Facebook page or Instagram (@70SouthAntiques). 

“The sense of having things that are handed down from generation to generation is becoming important again.” 

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