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Elevate Your Space with Sunburst Shutters

Stylish and Functional Window Treatments

1. Window treatments play a significant role in enhancing a home’s style. How do Sunburst Shutters’ products and services contribute to creating a stylish visually appealing interior? 

Window treatments have more to offer than just looking good. They can complement your lifestyle, block undesired sunlight, establish privacy, and keep your home cool. Windows can be a major source of thermal loss inside your house, but with proper window treatments, you can give your heating and cooling equipment a reduced workload and save money on energy costs by utilizing energy-efficient window treatments.

2. What makes Sunburst Shutters approach unique in reflecting each homeowner's style and needs?

When you’re searching for new window treatments, you probably want a window treatment that provides privacy, light control, and durability. That’s why Sunburst Shutters provides the best quality products in the US. Best of all, they accurately measure your windows and custom-craft every treatment so they perfectly fit your windows as well as your décor. For in-home consultation, Sunburst specialists bring the samples to you and work to custom craft your new shutters so they accentuate your windows and style beautifully.

3. Finally, what are some emerging trends and popular choices in terms of window treatment styles?

One emerging trend is the use of Shutters in Sidelight windows. Blinds may appear flimsy and out of place. However, interior shutters offer the perfect solution, as they are permanently attached, ensuring a flawless fit. For homeowners seeking a stylish and functional solution for sidelight windows, shutters are the ideal choice.

We encourage readers to explore more options at and fill out a free consultation form. Our team will promptly get in touch to arrange a design consultation and find the best window treatment solution tailored to your needs and style.

1 | Energy Efficiency
Polywood® shutters are the best energy-efficient window treatments in West Austin. American-made with a solid wood composite material and patented weather resistance, they provide a formidable defense against drafts and UV rays.

2 | Non-Toxic Paint Finish
Made from a recyclable wood substitute and painted with patented non-toxic paint finishes, Polywood® shutters ensure a safe and relaxing experience for your household as they do not emit fumes and are hypoallergenic.

3 | Specialty Window Treatments
Built to last many decades and come with a lifetime warranty, Polywood and Ovation® shutters are custom-made to perfectly fit the exact proportions of your windows, including round shapes like circles and arches. 

4 | Free Design Consultation
Schedule your free design consultation at or call (512) 488-5330!