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Elevated Fashion

Find fabulously chic styles for every occasion at Very Ashley.

Article by Laurel Otey

Photography by By Jacqui Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

From model to professional stylist, fashion and beauty journalist to fashion show host, Ashley Jefferson has led many roles across her career. Ashley is now the owner of Very Ashley, a premier boutique located in Stony Point Fashion Park. She curates a mix of trendy pieces and classic wardrobe staples that exude timeless luxury for women who are both the “Beauty and the Boss” of their lives. She makes body inclusivity a priority in the pieces she selects from her broad network of designers. Her VA Curve collection offers sophisticated options for women with diverse body shapes and sizes. She also gives talented local and indie designers the chance to sell their items in the store through her Designer Exclusive program.

In addition to her lines of clothing, shoes, and accessories, Ashley makes giving back a priority. Her Fashion & Philanthropy events include an elegant selection of food, fashion, and music, and are a fun way to encourage people to give to a good cause. Each event is done in partnership with local non-profits. Ashley recently met with Midlothian Lifestyle to discuss how she inspires women to elevate their style, no matter the occasion, through her chic, vibrant, versatile collections.

Laurel: What do you love about fashion?

Ashley: I love everything about fashion. I love the clothes, the fabrics, and the colors. But what I really love most is the industry and the business of fashion. I love how a simple dress or a pair of shoes can bring people together from all walks of life, spark political and policy debates and also be the source of income for people worldwide. Fashion is so much more than clothes and I love digging into that aspect of it. 

Laurel: How would you describe the clothes and accessories you offer at Very Ashley?

Ashley: I offer mostly event and occasional pieces. I have a few tops and bottoms. But dresses are definitely my specialty. 

Laurel: Who is your primary customer?

Ashley: Very Ashley serves the woman who is unapologetically feminine. However, she’s also the beauty and the boss of her life. Most of my customers are women somewhere between 30-50 who love to go out for a night on the town, travel, shop, dine out and basically, who love to live lavishly. Because of this, I offer a wide selection of event and occasional dresses. My girl also loves to stand out. She would never want to be caught dead in the same outfit as someone else. She wants something unique. So, I try to provide that for her as well. 

Laurel: Tell me about your process for picking the next pieces for your collection.

Ashley: I really like to listen to my customer to learn about what she wants in her wardrobe. I take their suggestions along with my own personal intuition and create an idea of what I want the next seasons offerings to be. With these ideas, I go on travel about once a month or so to various fashion markets, showrooms, and design studios to purchase the next looks for my store. I love New York the most, but I also go to LA, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Miami. I do much of my international purchasing from Italy, Turkey, and Australia. I also look for designers close to home. Virginia has some amazingly talented designers that I have fallen in love with.

Laurel: Why did you pick the name Very Ashley for your store?

Ashley: Very Ashley is literally me. Every outfit, every single item, everything is literally an idea that I had in my mind that came to life. The store is my literal closet. I wear everything I sell.

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