Elevating Your Home with Abstract Art

Local inspirational artist reaches higher

"Reach higher." That's the motto of modern-day Renaissance Man, Vital Germaine. Former Cirque du Soleil performer, Vital is a six-time author and owner of ENGAGE Teams 360, where he inspires individuals and organizations to "reach higher,” and an accomplished abstract artist.

Discovering and rediscovering the love of art

Vital's journey began while studying at UNLV and CSN when he was a performer at Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. One spontaneous semester, he enrolled in a beginner drawing class, followed by intermediate and advanced drawing, before his professor recommended that he try painting. He instantly fell in love with the "meditative and therapeutic aspects of such freedom of expression."

While his work was prominently exhibited in prestigious locations, Vital was heartbroken when his art manager and agent returned all the pieces from various galleries across the US. "I didn't pick up a brush for about ten years," confessed Vital. "I focused on reinvention and became a keynote speaker, focusing on inspiring organizations to design more open-minded and creative cultures."

Although, during the isolation of the 2020 pandemic, Vital reconnected with paint and canvas and rediscovered his long-lost love. Today, Germaine happily blends his artistic passion with his business endeavors. "I had suppressed an integral part of who I was without ever realizing the void."

The process: how Vital creates his art pieces.

Vital's art is a fusion of abstract impressionism and romanticism. Every creation is an emotional process fueled by expression.

"The first vision is triggered by an emotion, a moment in time, a conversation that inspires a feeling," said Vital. "From there, it's an organic process to translate that sentiment into a two-dimensional medium that must now appeal to the eye and the heart."

“Over the 25 years of my painting history, I have explored different mediums, techniques, styles, and subject matter,” continued Vital. “The ultimate objective now is to focus on being in the moment, creating something honest, organic, and relevant. I do, nonetheless, enjoy my abstract impressionist interpretation of florals. My pure abstracts vary from a calm Zen vibe to raw and frantic chaos.”

A masterpiece that tells a story in your home

Germaine's paintings are vivid stories layered with rich texture, from the calm relaxation of cool hues to the controlled chaos of contrasting colors. The theatrical nature of the illustrated tales on canvas empowers inspiration, empathy, and deep thought.

Before purchasing art for your home, consider Vital's advice: "On a pure business level, 90 percent of purchasing decisions are based on emotions. Our emotions drive our behaviors and life choices."

You can see Vital Germaine’s art in person this month at an upcoming exhibition at Huntington Jewelers on September 15th and 16th.

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