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One Palette, Three Looks

What is better than stylish simplicity? Whether you are a college student always on the go, or a busy mom running out the door, the answer is nothing, absolutely nothing is better than simplifying a bit of your life. 

I had the honor to sit down with sisters, Gertie and Ginger of Elevé Cosmetics as they used their award winning palette, Crop Top & Flip Flops, to create three transitional looks, from day to night. 

  • Day Time Look: Gertie kept it simple applying the lightest, warm tones from the palette to Ginger's eyes, no liner, but a hint of mascara and blush, finalized with a natural toned, Lip LUV Gloss. The goal is to look fresh, but not over done. 
  • Office Look: Gertie kicked it up a notch by adding a hint of eye liner on Ginger, choosing a deeper neutral combo from the palette on the eyes, and paired that with rightfully named, Confidence Lip STK. 
  • Date Night Look: Gertie's finale left us seeing fireworks. "Ginger, you're going to need to actually schedule a date after this!", we said when she was done. Utilizing the deepest tones on the palette, Gertie applied them to Ginger's eyes and cheeks. Accentuating her eyes with liner on top and bottom. Finalizing it with a, cant' miss it, pop of color on the lips. Another accurately named product, Epic Lip STK.

Sisters on a Natural Beauty Mission - The award winning beauty line was mindfully created by the sisters. Making a great team, Gertie is creative, artsy and driven, while Ginger balances her with practicality and structure. Elevé is a consciously clean beauty line curated here in Austin, made in the USA. Packed full of antioxidants and active anti-aging ingredients, Elevé products are designed to enhance your natural beauty - not mask it. 

Find Elevé online at or stop by their shop at 14121 US-290 unit 12B.

  • Day Time Look
  • Office Look
  • Date Night Look
  • Lip LUV Gloss
  • Crop Top & Flip Flops Palette
  • Crop Top & Flip Flops Palette
  • Crop Top & Flip Flops Palette
  • Lip STK in Confidence