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Embrace Your Wellness Potential

Dr. Stephanie Smith at AIM Chiropractic & Fitness Tells Us How

Dr. Stephanie Smith started out as so many of us do — with a passion for physical fitness. A longtime soccer player who made it into Division I at Penn State, she realized that while exercise and fitness are important, taking care of her entire self meant much more than that. “I dug deeper into longevity and optimizing my body,” she says. “I realized I wanted to make myself resilient.”

This heartfelt desire transitioned into Dr. Smith’s current profession, in which she helps others optimize their own health and resilience as well. For 11 years and counting, she has been a Doctor of Chiropractic, taking special care  in the complete functionality of the human body. In other words, the practice is not only about bones. 

“Our coaching [at AIM] is multidimensional,” she explains. “Instead of just looking at the bones, we look at neurology and muscle and the coordination of all three. We use multiple avenues to synergistically treat the body as a whole.” 

The mission of AIM Chiropractic & Fitness is, quite literally, the process of digging deeper, beyond typical wellness benchmarks such as age, weight, speed or strength. Dr. Smith points out how each person’s body is unique, with unique standards and potential for wellness. “Essentially, you have to make things efficient for that person’s body,” she says. “So if a patient comes in, and she’s a middle-aged woman with kids ages 10 and older, I am looking at what her body went through and what she has been doing since.”

The process at AIM of “breaking down and building back up” involves individual patients breaking down the causes behind physical challenges — scar tissue, for example – and building the body back up for optimized performance. Patients learn the complexities and possibilities behind their own bodies by understanding the neurology, muscle integrity and how everything works together. Most of all, Dr. Smith, along with her business partner, Dr. Robin Young, values being able to show patients in a hands-on and personal way how their own bodies can do things they never dreamed of. 

“We can help patients unlock their own potential,” she beams. “And we don’t simply tell people —  we show people how their bodies can work. It’s far more empowering when you figure it out and experience it yourself.” 

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle in 2023: Mindset Matters

Dr. Robin Young and Dr. Stephanie Smith have tips to share with East Cobb Lifestyle readers. 
“These tips are a little untraditional compared to what one would typically provide when it comes to health and wellness,” says Dr. Smith. “We wanted to empower readers by equipping them with a productive mindset when it comes to health, wellness and fitness  – which is our approach at AIM.”

1. Give yourself grace! A healthier you is a journey, not a destination.  It takes at least three months to start to see any results in your efforts. So, expecting results "tomorrow" will only set you up for failure. Grace is where consistency and results begin to flourish.

2. Celebrate often. Small changes occur more often, so stay consistent and celebrate all the little wins.  It isn't about the BIG end result —  health is a journey and not a destination.

3. Remember, simple is best! The path of least resistance will carry you far on your journey.  Participate and engage in the possible. Your impossible is the destination because what's possible today will unlock more possibilities tomorrow. 

  • Dr. Stephanie Smith
  • Dr. Robin Young, left, and Dr. Stephanie Smith

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