Emily Tucker Design

Creating Backdrops for All the Great Moments that Make Up a Life

The daughter of two creatives growing up in Los Angeles, Emily Tucker has been surrounded by the fine arts since day 1. After studying architecture at CU Boulder and becoming certain she didn't want to be an architect, she scored a job as a temporary assistant to an interior designer and was hooked. Working in LA to New York where she gained most of her experience, Emily and her now husband picked Boulder to settle and have never looked back. 

"One of the greatest joys of my work is creating spaces for people to live their lives," Emily expresses. Juniper House, one of her designed homes on Juniper street in Boulder, enabled homeowner Ann Burzynski to do just that. 

“We bought the home in January of 2001, and I didn’t have the stylistic ability to fill the empty house,” Ann recalls. “After a few meetings with my husband and I, Emily had our style pegged. I didn't dislike anything she ever showed us. She made this house the most beautiful house I’ve ever lived in”.

Emily's design process starts with the client and the house. "What are the clients like? Are they entertainers? Kids? Pets? And from there I narrow down the spirit or vibe of the project," Emily explains. She takes the time to understand the personality of both the client and the home, all filtered through her design lens. "I share some images of the direction I want to go, and that will sort of pave the way for the overall aesthetic." 

Boulder itself inspires Emily in the sense that it's residents (mostly) all come from somewhere else, ranging from east to west coast and everywhere in between. "Everyone brings their flavor to our beautiful slice of paradise", Emily says. And that allows for her work to pull from a plethora of genres of design. 

With a growing young family of her own, Emily's priority of keeping work and home life separate ensures that her clients and her team knows they aren't working all the time. "But at the same time," she explains, "my kids have been on a lot of job sites, and been to their fair share of antique shops. I spend an ungodly amount of time looking at vintage furniture. Like way too much. But I love it!"

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