Empower Esthetics: A Tale of Resilience and Women's Empowerment

Lynn Hollis' Inspiring Journey From Overcoming Adversity to Creating Opportunities for Others

Article by Sarah Mottu

Photography by Lomonico Photography by Christine Marie Scott

Originally published in NBTX City Lifestyle

In a society where the term “Women’s Empowerment” is sometimes brushed off as an overused expression, for those who have experienced being truly powerless, it holds profound significance. In this context, Lynn Hollis, the owner of Empower Esthetics in New Braunfels, Texas, is a beacon of inspiration. Her journey from adversity to success embodies resilience, unwavering determination, and a steadfast commitment to empowering women. Her passion for business is fueled by a deeper purpose—to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Lynn Hollis' metamorphosis into the strong woman she is today, began with adversity. From a young age, her world was shaped by control and abuse of power. Being denied the opportunity to graduate high school, she found herself in a situation that, sadly, many women may relate to. Entirely dependent, no control over her life, no future, and nowhere to turn. True powerlessness. However, within the constraints of her circumstances, she discovered a wellspring of inner strength. “Over time, I realized how strong I actually am, and I fought my way out”, says Hollis.  With two children, multiple jobs, and no support system, she entered into the world. 

It was during these difficult years that Lynn found her calling. “Being uneducated, I had an insane thirst for knowledge”, Hollis recalls. This intense desire for more opportunity drove her to become an LVN. After putting herself through school, Lynn discovered how much she was capable of. She realized that true beauty and empowerment come from within, and her mission was to help others discover and embrace their own unique beauty. Lynn's journey led her to the field of aesthetics, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of beauty treatments. More importantly, she recognized that empowerment was not merely a byproduct of her work—it was the core of her purpose.

Empower Esthetics is not just a medspa. It is a sanctuary of empowerment, where clients are welcomed with open arms and provided with services that go beyond the surface. The atmosphere at Empower Esthetics is designed to nurture both outer beauty and inner confidence. From specialized therapies that enhance self-esteem to personalized consultations that focus on holistic well-being, Lynn and her team foster a sense of empowerment in every individual who walks through their doors. She explains that it is a two-way street with her and her clientele. "They empower me, and I empower them”, Lynn says fondly. 

One of Lynn's central missions is to support women in business. She firmly believes that by lifting each other up, women can achieve greatness together. This commitment extends to her role as a business owner and mentor. Unlike the traditional employer-employee relationship often seen in her industry, Lynn's approach is distinctive. She sees her business as a platform for others to thrive. Empower Esthetics is a testament to this philosophy. Lynn actively collaborates with women-led businesses in her community, forging partnerships and providing opportunities for growth. Her commitment to helping others reach their full potential has become a driving force behind Empower Esthetics' success.

During the holiday season, Lynn's compassion shines even brighter through her Christmas Wishes Initiative. Recognizing that the holidays can be a challenging time for many, especially parents, Lynn wanted to make a difference and address the emotional burden that parents often carry during this time."I would love to grant some Christmas wishes,” says Lynn. “This is solely for giving those few a memorable moment." Her Christmas Wishes Initiative is a heartfelt effort to provide parents with a moment of self-care and pampering. 

The concept is simple yet profound: members of the community are invited to nominate individuals who deserve a makeover and a dose of self-care. The nomination process is open to anyone in the community, and individuals are encouraged to share their stories and the stories of those they believe could benefit from this gesture of kindness. Lynn would like to encourage the community to reach out through her Empower Esthetics Social Media accounts to submit nominations.

Lynn firmly believes that self-care and self-confidence are intrinsically linked to empowerment. Her own journey, from adversity to owning a successful business, exemplifies the power of self-love and self-belief. She understands that building a strong support network is crucial in helping individuals overcome challenges and build self-confidence. She attributes her success to the support and love of her husband and her extensive network of friends and associates. 

Looking ahead, Lynn has ambitious goals for Empower Esthetics and her impact on the community. She envisions a future where she can help others open their own med spas, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is currently developing her own skincare line, driven by her passion for addressing various skin conditions. Her goal is to offer solutions that not only enhance beauty but also improve the quality of life for her clients. In addition to her business pursuits, Lynn is working on establishing a foundation that provides educational scholarships and support to individuals who have been trapped in dark situations, much like her younger self. She understands the transformative potential of education and support, and she is committed to creating opportunities for others to thrive.

In Lynn Hollis, we find an extraordinary individual who has transformed her own life and is now dedicated to transforming the lives of others. Her inspirational journey, her unwavering commitment to supporting women in business, and her Christmas Wishes Initiative all serve as powerful testaments to the transformative power of self-love, self-care, and community support. As she continues to empower others, she is not only changing lives but also leaving a lasting impact on the community of New Braunfels and beyond. To Lynn Hollis, women's empowerment is not a cliche, it is written in every fiber of her being and is exemplified not only by words, but by her actions and example.

Her passion for business is fueled by a deeper purpose—to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

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