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Dr. Jordan Shilts and Dr. Jaron Faber are passionate about the future of personalized healthcare. They are the co-founders of Statera Health, a modern health optimization center that launched in May of 2020.

“Health is often thought of as the absence of disease. So when you go to the doctor and you don’t have a disease, often times there is confusion about how to address your symptoms. At Statera, our mission is to provide personalized solutions to identify and address the root cause of your dysfunction before it becomes disease.” says Dr. Shilts.

Statera Health provides treatments from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness. “Whenever someone walks through the doors with complaints of fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog, weight gain, or physical pain, we’re immediately thinking about how we can address and reduce this individual’s level of inflammation. Excess inflammation is now referred to as inflam-Aging because it is often the root of aging and disease”, says Dr. Faber.

What sets Statera apart from traditional clinics, is their personalized approach of assessments and services. “What’s missing in today’s healthcare model is a true patient-doctor relationship. The art of what we do is understanding an individual’s physical, chemical, metabolic and emotional needs, and tailor the treatment plan to their goals and interests. We offer some really unique services that empower our patients to take control of their health like never before.”, says Dr. Shilts.

This modern clinic features some of the most advanced health optimization technologies available today, such as Hyperbaric Oxygen, LED Light Therapy and Infrared Sauna. Combined with clinical services such as chiropractic, functional medicine, massage therapy and more, Statera has what you need to truly create optimal health.

So what does it look like walking through the doors of Statera Health? “Typically we start with an on-boarding discovery appointment to familiarize our prospective patients with our services and discern whether or not we are a good fit for their unique health challenges.”, Dr. Jaron explains. “We then want to understand their health goals, take an in-depth health history, functional exam and finally send them out for comprehensive lab testing, if necessary. Often times the patient has never explored their health to this detail, providing them with answers and better clarity moving forward.”

“The analogy I love to give regarding functional medicine is if you picture a dying tree. The fastest way to make the leaves green is to paint them. It works 100% of the time, but only in the short-term because we are not addressing the root-cause. We have to give it sunlight, the proper soil, the right nutrients and provide it with water and care. Similarly, we guide each patient through our Pillars of Health, which are designed to address and optimize 5 foundational aspects of our health: Sleep, Nutrition, Mindset, Movement and Recovery.

Entering the second year of the pandemic, Statera Health has placed an additional emphasis on individuals suffering from Long-Covid. “Data suggests around 15% of those infected with Covid go on to develop “Long Covid”, where symptoms such as sensory changes, brain fog and fatigue linger for months after the initial infection has passed. In these scenarios a heightened inflammatory burden gets placed on the body, which takes an enormous amount of energy to keep it at bay.

+ Hyperbaric Oxygen: pressurized oxygen chamber that increases oxygen delivery and reduces inflammation.

+ LED Light Therapy: whole-body light therapy designed to increase blood flow, increase energy and decrease pain.

+ Infrared Sauna: heat-stress therapy that improves detoxification, cognitive performance and cardiovascular health.

+ Cellular Health Scans: quickly learn about your level of inflammation, body composition and hydration status.

Whether your goal is anti-aging or chronic disease recovery, Statera Health has tailored memberships and advanced programs to achieve your health goals. Learn more at www.officialstatera.com. 4820 W 77th Street Suite 150, Edina. (952) 213-6386.

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