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Girl Power

Achieving Limitless Dreams!

Quincey Pike, a senior in high school, possesses a diverse set of skills and talents and a fierce drive for excellence. 

Captivated by the arts, Quincey was able to demonstrate her talent for painting early on with an impressive depiction of a lion for her fourth-grade talent show. Today she is open to commissioning pieces and is even doing so for a few people including her grandmother but wants to keep art as an enjoyable hobby, her peaceful place, rather than turning it into a business.

She remembers always wanting to be an entrepreneur and took an interest in fashion at a very young age, gleaning from her fashion-forward mom. Considering the importance of stability for a successful business, she wisely explored commodities that people use every day. She realized her love for fashion lends itself to a secure business model as clothing is a necessary part of daily life. “Fashion is something that we wear every single day. We have to get dressed in the morning to go to work. It carries us from the beginning of our day to the end. It carries us from different occasions, from the most fancy to the most casual. Fashion is a way to express yourself. And it's an outward representation of who you are.” It is the self-representation and permanence of the fashion industry that fascinates Quincey, leading her to choose fashion as her career path. She envisions herself having her own business to the scale of Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

Quincey is also an accomplished athlete with her repertoire including golf, track, hunting, riding horses, volleyball, and tennis. 

As a Lube Technician at her father’s auto repair shop, Quincey likes to surprise people with her unexpected knowledge of cars and how they work. 

She credits her desire for learning and well-roundedness to her drive to excel in all her endeavors. Her advice to young women is to, “Choose your own path. Choose your own interests. Don't look at other people and what they enjoy doing. Be your own person. Go chase after the things that you enjoy. It can be one thing. But if you enjoy multiple things, who says that you can't do all those?” 

“Choose your own path. Choose your own interests. Go chase after the things that you enjoy."

  • Working hard at her Dad's shop, Pikes Auto Care
  • The love for painting started at a young age
  • Quincey painting on her mission trip to Jamaica
  • Photo Credit Cheycreative