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Empowering Children

Inspiring Kids Through Life Lesson Books To Be All They Want To Be

Children who envision their future aspirations and careers in their minds now can also physically see themselves in those roles via customized books and digital prints created by local mass communications producer Moses Ukoh. He turns customer-submitted photos of children's faces,  from looking directly into a camera, into pieces that depict them as self-selected characters, such as firemen, hairstylists, astronauts, nurses, teachers, scientists, pilots, musicians, U.S. presidents or even superheroes.

"I've always been interested in helping to mentor kids, and wanted to come up with a way for them to truly cast their visions for their authentic selves," he shares, adding that he was heartened by his mother formerly operating a personalized book cart in Union Station.

He says he personally practices meditation, and that this publishing idea crystallized one day after he had subconsciously been considering how to formulate e-books to uplift others, especially children. 

Moses currently takes orders through the online Etsy platform, for which his page can be found at His softcover books cost $39.99, and they arrive at customers' homes in approximately a week. Hardcovers are scheduled to arrive to customers within two weeks, and they cost $49.99. His books ship for free within the United States.

He also applies his experience in digital communications and videography to this 'Inspirational Objects' publishing project by producing personalized, motivational books, such as how to deal with bullies. He adds that a direct message to recipients can be added.

"Whatever gift your child has, teach them to express it no matter what the naysayers say or do, through heartfelt books composed to teach helpful lessons," suggests Moses. 

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