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Empowering Local Youth Through New Skills

How WHALER’s Creation is transforming futures

Juan’s life story epitomizes the transformative impact of WHALER's Creation, a 501(c)3 non-profit advocating for foster and adopted parents while offering media arts job training to older teens and young adults. Founded in Washington, D.C., the organization began with 'History on Stage,' a platform enabling older teens to express themselves through arts training. From writing to directing, these productions not only showcased immense talent but also educated communities about fostering and mentoring. Over time, thousands of young people have acquired performing, media, and culinary job skills.

Comprising a diverse Board of Directors, volunteers, and professionals, WHALER’s Creation champions the belief that every child deserves a nurturing family bond, regardless of its nature. Youth in foster care often seek familial connections urgently, and the organization stresses the community's role in guiding vulnerable children toward productive adulthood. Foster parents, adoptees, mentors, and professionals advocate for and provide lifelong connections to these youth.

Teenagers, at a crucial juncture in life, require support systems. WHALER’s Creation recognizes this need and offers job training programs critical for their success. With an emphasis on vital workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management, these programs equip teens with practical experiences. Success stories like Sarah's, who secured a full-time position after participating in the program, or Juan's, who gained computer skills and independence through employment, reflect the program’s impact.

The 'earn as they learn' model underlines the program's importance for older teens and young adults, promoting self-sufficiency. Donations play a pivotal role in sustaining and enriching these youths' lives. WHALER’s Creation invites caring individuals to sponsor a youth or make donations via their website, These aspiring young individuals seek a helping hand, not handouts, to carve their futures. Join hands with WHALER’s Creation and become a part of transforming these remarkable young lives.

This article was written by student and WHALER participant, Jonathon Lovell.