Empowering our Community

A spotlight on Local Charities Making a Difference

Big Brother Big Sister of The Suncoast

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Suncoast seeks men who embody civic responsibility and serve as role models through. Addressing a gap in their mentoring program, the organization aims to recruit more male volunteers to help mentor local children.

CEO Joy Mahler stresses the importance of male role models, especially for boys lacking such figures in their lives. These mentors exemplify responsible community engagement and guide young men through growth. 

The organization emphasizes flexible volunteer roles and Mahler emphasizes volunteers' ability to offer unwavering support to children facing challenges, serving as motivational forces during difficult times. Their belief and care can profoundly shape these children's lives.

The Retreat Sarasota

Nestled in Southwest Florida, The Retreat Sarasota offers a unique venue for corporate retreats, weddings, and milestones. Surrounded by 84 acres of conservation land, it's a premier choice for diverse events. But what sets The Retreat Sarasota apart is its charitable impact. Event rentals directly support Resilient Retreat, empowering healing journeys through holistic programming. The venue's title as the "venue that saves lives" reflects its dual role.

Amidst nature's beauty, the Retreat boasts luxurious accommodations, inviting great rooms, and audio-visual tech catering to modern needs. Outdoor spaces include a reflection pond and a gazebo.

The Retreat Center feels like home. It's a hub where guests experience the tranquility of conservation land. Through its alignment with Resilient Retreat, The Retreat Sarasota stands as a beacon of community care, fostering healing and resilience for all.

SPARCC Sarasota

For almost 40 years, SPARCC has valiantly combated danger in Sarasota, rescuing women and men from perilous situations. With a dedicated team of 43, mostly women, they run a 24-hour shelter for up to 33 individuals, supported by annual revenues exceeding $3.2 million.

Though Florida's assault and domestic violence rates have waned over 20 years, SPARCC's crucial role persists. Despite reduced crime reports, the 2017 count of 1,400 domestic violence offenses in Sarasota County alone emphasizes the ongoing need. Nearby DeSoto County's troubling ranking underscores this necessity.

Increasing calls to SPARCC's hotline suggest underreported incidents rather than higher victim rates. This gap could indicate victims seeking help before law enforcement intervenes. Executive Director Jessica Hays notes that this issue isn't isolated but touches our communities. As SPARCC extends its reach, they remind us that the battle against domestic violence continues, even in Sarasota's serene setting.

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