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The Lady Gang

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Empowering podcasts

Hosted by our cover stars and available on Spotify and Apple

Left, Becca Tobin


Becca, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek’s award-winning, chart-topping podcast launched in 2015 “with the mission to make women feel less alone.” It’s since been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and become a movement with merch, books (available everywhere books are sold) and more.


1&2. Jamie Lynn Sigler

Not Today Pal and MeSsy

Jamie co-hosts “Not Today Pal” with her former “Sopranos” sibling Robert Iler, recorded locally at YMH Studios. The podcast centers around two best friends who are completely different finding common ground on various topics. The result, hilarious. Mid-March Jamie premiered MeSsy with Christina Applegate, sharing not often discussed details of living with MS as well as often raw, emotional and vulnerable conversations with celebrity guests and amongst themselves. These two powerhouse women are strong and funny so despite the levity of some of the topics, the tone is inspirational, educational, relatable and generally upbeat.

3. Kimberly Van Der Beek

Bathroom Chronicles

 Kimberly co-hosts this podcast with her best friend Peggy Rometo, literally from the bathroom cabin of her property. The pair wanted to create a safe space to bring on guests to have real conversations, conversations many people are self-conscious or afraid to have in public, conversations that often happen among women in the bathroom.

  • The Lady Gang
  • The Lady Gang