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Empowering Women

A Roadmap To Success For Body And Mind

Candice Storley has always led an active lifestyle. She grew up swimming competitively, doing CrossFit and then went on to pursue professional careers in both show water skiing and aerial arts. In order to stay on top of her game as a performer, she focused on both fitness and nutrition for overall wellness. Today she is a Functional Strength Training and Nutrition Coach and owner of Prism Strength who is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other women. 

“My mission with Prism Strength is to empower women by building their strength, which bleeds into their self-confidence and their abilities inside and outside of physical fitness,” she says. “I want women to know that they are capable and really powerful. As women, we are in high demand from both our families and our careers,” says Candice. “I take that into account with each person's program and training session. We aren’t squeezing our lives into our fitness and wellness journey; instead, we are integrating our training and nutrition habits into our existing life.” 

To do this, she gives women a coaching “roadmap” that is tailored to their particular goals and lifestyle. Candice’s other focus is to make the process fun and enjoyable, something women will want to do on a long-term basis. “I like to encourage clients to supplement their strength training with other things that they enjoy doing, such as yoga or hiking,” she says. She really loves working with people, and offers both online and in-person training. Clients who live in and around Thompson’s Station have the ability to come to her personal gym, which she greatly encourages. 

“My partner, Joey, and I just bought our first home here last year and it’s on six acres,” she says. “In addition to the house, we have an extra building on the property that we turned into an awesome gym since we both love to work out. The gym and property have everything you could need to meet your fitness goals. It's the coolest set up and I'm really excited to be able to share that with other people.”