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Three female-owned self-care businesses for your self-love journey

When it comes to self-care, there is nothing more nurturing than taking care of the body that takes us from our bustling days to the end of the night, when we lay our heads to rest. Skincare, massages, and cosmetic treatments are just a starting point on the journey to improving our sense of self-love and confidence.

Cheers Beauty, Acne Clinic Las Vegas by Justina, and Vanity Beauty Boutique are all local women-owned businesses that know exactly how and what to treat for their clients' individual needs. These ladies specialize in their own unique services, all with the same goal in mind … empowering their clients to treat themselves with the care and attention they deserve.

Cheers Beauty is a waxing business run and owned by three women, Mariana Leake, Emily Andrews, and Brittany Alexander. They all specialize in waxing and have a true passion for providing extraordinary service to each of their guests. Ranging from the brows all the way down to the toes, a refined or hairless new look is the end result. Not only have these three ladies been coworkers since 2016, but also they have been friends. Their close bond with one another translates into their work environment, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the client to relax during their treatment. Cheers Beauty recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and is growing exponentially by creating genuine connections with their clients and delivering exceptional results.

Acne Clinic Las Vegas by Justina approaches skin conditions holistically. Owner Justina Sy is an advanced medical aesthetician and an acne expert. She and the rest of her team at Acne Clinic know how to target problem areas on the skin by providing personalized treatments. Acne — amongst other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and sun damage — are all treatable with their array of services and skincare. They treat these skin conditions from the outside, but they also help guide the client by giving lifestyle, diet, and hygiene tips to help further treatment from the inside. One of the first things people see when greeting each other is their face, and when it comes to confidence, Justina changes people’s lives through her expertise and ability to encourage clients to love their own skin.

Vanity Beauty Boutique is a spa that offers a wide variety of luxurious treatments. Owner Hannah Easley opened her spa as a single mother. She gathered a team of experienced specialists whom each brought their own talents to the table. Microcurrent body sculpting, teeth whitening, and zero gravity massages are just a few of the treatments this boutique offers. By using safe, clean, and sustainable products, Hannah and her fellow experts provide top-of-the-line services leaving their clients empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Their staff are very versed in their respective services and provide knowledge to the client to create long-lasting results outside of the spa. Upkeep comes with the territory, and Vanity Beauty Boutique is an essential foundation in maintaining the body a client wants.

Confidence is a key ingredient in all three of these businesses, and they want that to translate into their own clients. Changing one’s own life is always something that begins from the inside, but caring for our bodies can be the first step in fulfilling the love we need for ourselves. Ultimately, people have the power to create a life where our bodies, self-esteem, and empowerment can come together, and with the help of these three female-owned businesses, anyone can set forth on their journey of self-love.

Emily Andrews

Founder and Co-Owner of Cheers Beauty

Cheers Beauty offers waxing, skin lightening, brow lamination, lash lifting, brow and lash tinting services, and more. A wax specialist and esthetician, Emily and her fellow co-owners have perfected their craft. "We hope to give unforgettable services that keep our clients wanting to see us every month," said Emily.


Top: Cheers Beauty Co-Owners Mariana Leake, Emily Andrews, and Brittany Alexander

Bottom: Cheers Beauty waxing

Justina Sy

Licensed Aesthetician and CEO of Acne Clinic by Justina

Justina graduated from Euphoria Institute as a Licensed Aesthetician in 2016 and has rapidly established herself as one of the foremost acne specialists in Las Vegas. "We treat acne and other skin diseases, like eczema, psoriasis, and more," said Justina.


Top: Facial treatment at Acne Clinic by Justina

Bottom: Skincare created by Justina Sy for acne treatments

Hannah Easley

Owner of Vanity Beauty Boutique

Hannah has nearly a decade of expertise in Las Vegas’ health and wellness scene. The entrepreneur who originally founded her business as Vanity Body Sculpting in 2012 has since expanded her service offerings for an all-encompassing self-care experience for her clients. "We provide so much more than just a quality service," said Hannah.


Top: Body sculpting treatment

Bottom: Teeth whitening treatment

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