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Empowerment in Color

Step into the Museum for Black Girls, Where Vibrant Art, Joyful Celebration and Empowering Stories Illuminate the Essence of Black Womanhood

Article by Emma Reed

Photography by Poppy & Co. by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

In the heart of Denver, Colorado, a transformative experience awaits those who step into the Museum for Black Girls. 

Founded in 2019 by Charlie Billingsley and Von Ross, this immersive pop-up sensory museum has not only garnered attention for its vibrant art installations but has also become a powerful platform for celebrating Black womanhood, fostering community, and challenging societal norms. With the mission of allowing "each guest to leave the experience feeling motivated and inspired to create their own beautiful stories and history," the exhibit continues to redefine the traditional museum experience.

The Museum for Black Girls had humble beginnings in a small shoppette in Denver, where Charlie Billingsley, a photographer, and her aunt, Von Ross, came together to create a space that would uplift and inspire young Black women. The idea stemmed from a poignant moment when Billingsley's daughter sought solace after facing discrimination at her predominantly white elementary school. What started as a one-night event evolved into a full-fledged museum, attracting over 300 people on its opening night and turning into a traveling exhibition that has left an indelible mark on communities in Denver, Houston, and Washington D.C.

The success of the Museum for Black Girls is rooted in collaboration and community strength. Ross emphasizes the involvement of local artists who work tirelessly together, sometimes from morning till late at night to bring the exhibits to life. The museum, as Ross describes it, is like "a traditional museum and Meow Wolf got married and had a kid." This unique combination results in immersive rooms, interactive art installations and curated moments that celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black women.

It's with great honor and excitement that Denver gets to play host once again to the Museum for Black Girls. The exhibit has returned to the Mile High City, open now on the 16th Street Mall inside the Denver Pavilions on the second floor, offering its signature vibrant and immersive experience near Lucky Strikes and the United Artist Movie Theatre.

The Museum for Black Girls challenges the conventional museum narrative. While many museums focus on the past, this vibrant space concentrates on the present, honoring the strength of ancestors while celebrating the achievements of Black women today. The exhibits, characterized by vibrant aesthetics, mirrors and an affirmation wall, serve as a celebration of self-love and a reminder of strength and courage.

“We find out that we are more alike than we are different and we get to celebrate the differences," Von explains. "When you have an understanding of where people are coming from, then it dispels the fears and the myths."

The Museum for Black Girls is more than just an art exhibition; it's a celebration of magic, a love letter to Black women and a space that transcends traditional museum expectations. As it makes its triumphant return to Denver, the museum continues to be a beacon of joy, empowerment and community for all who enter its vibrant and transformative space.