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An End-of-Summer Picnic Featuring Georgia Peaches

Slow Down & Enjoy The Last Days of Summer

An afternoon at R & A Orchards makes us want to stop and taste the peaches. Just 53 miles north of Woodstock is family-owned and operated R & A Orchards. Andy and Jennifer, with their children Amanda, Jessica, Anna and Jacob Futch, work diligently to care for their 160 acres of fruits and vegetables. 

The soil may be rich and vibrant with peach fruits, but their lifestyle is what caught our attention. The land of R & A Orchards invites us to appreciate the peace nature brings to the soul. We simply looked up from the overstimulation of our screens to bask in Georgia's beauty. 

A bountiful harvest is a gift, and we were soon awakened to this reality. We had to be still for a moment to admire the fruits of their labor. The escape from the hustle and bustle gave us a fresh perspective, and we want to encourage our readers to partake in and experience the splendor of slowing down. We hope that beneath all the spinning thoughts that occur from the ebbs and flow of life, you feel encouraged to pursue the reluctant, quiet moments to discover that a gift resides in slowness.  

A great place to slow down has always been around the table. Before the excitement and rush of back to school, consider slowing down and throwing an end-of-summer picnic with the kids. This is the time to gather with your closest loved ones and get together for a meal outside. 

Having the perfect picnic takes some planning, and with the help of Jessica Futch, we made plans for the perfect picnic amongst the peaches. Her keen eye for design and deep-rooted knowledge of her family's farmland led us to the most bucolic spot to gather around the picnic table. Whether it's your first picnic or you've been planning them for generations, below is your definitive guide to planning the perfect picnic.

Detail One, Select a Theme. 

A theme gives your picnic a certain aesthetic appeal, inviting people to savor in and remember the moment. Of course, our theme of choice is sweet Georgia Peaches. 

Detail Two, Pack Items. 

Make a list of all the essential elements to pack in your picnic basket. Food storage, utensils, cups, linens, coolers, garbage bags, sunscreen and bug spray are must-have items. 

Detail Three, Food and Drinks. 

The options are limitless when it comes to a spread for a picnic. We recommend providing a variety of breads, charcuteries, salads, veggies, dips, sweets and drinks. We opted for sweet treats, and with the help of R & A Orchards, we had an incredible selection. Our table consists of peach fritters, ice cream, fried pies and cider; these delectable desserts are all served at R & A Orchards' Market.  

Detail Four, Decor.

Florals and linens are key items to make your picnic beautiful and inviting. Flowers bring life and elegance to the table! We thank Woodstock Florals and Gifts for completing our picnic table with this incredible arrangement. We chose to pack neutral decor items that correlate well with a peach color palette. Last but not least, what's a picnic without a traditional geometric or gingham tablecloth and blanket? We love how this beige tablecloth makes for the best backsplash against vibrant peaches. 

Detail Five, Seek the Perfect Spot. 

Shady areas help keep everyone calm and the cold items cool. Reduce your risk of sun damage by staying in the shade under an umbrella or tree. Your best bet to protect your skin is to use sunscreen or protective clothing when you're outside—even in the shade.

Detail Six, Bring Activities. 

Lawn games such as ring toss, cornhole or a creative scavenger hunt for the kids will help keep everyone active after a meal. Picnic season is not complete without the fun of outdoor games! 

Detail Seven, Leave no trace.

Bring out the trash bags and clean up after the fun. Take care of nature!  

Detail Eight, Sit Back and Slow Down.

School will soon be back in session. Take the time to plan this end-of-summer picnic to make the best memories with your kids. Bring a fun Polaroid to capture the moment to reflect on and reminisce about one day. 

Here at Woodstock City Lifestyle, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Georgia farmers. We appreciate your hard work, dedication and the time you take in our food production.  

Before the excitement and rush of back to school, consider slowing down and throwing an end-of-summer picnic with the kids.