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Enterprising, Inspirational Women

Female Entrepreneurs Believe Customers Are Most Important Asset

Female entrepreneurs defy conventions, overcome obstacles and reshape the business world through integrity, constant learning, resilience and perseverance. Lifestyle asked these women what motivates them. 

Stacee Fernandez
Owner, Promotions Pronto LLC

Promotions Pronto LLC is a woman-owned, family-operated business started in February 2005. "We have an outstanding dedicated account base. There's no order too small or too large," Stacee vows. "Every customer is a contributor to our growth. We live and breathe this reality every day and rely heavily on referrals."

She says she and her staff are knowledgeable, reliable, detail-oriented and determined to never miss an event date. 

"I'm a people pleaser, so I thrive on doing everything to make my customers happy and to promote their business objectives. Returning customers, as well as referrals, motivate me because that means we’ve done a good job and people like us," admits Stacee.

In addition to traditional promotional and apparel products, she says they also handle awards, golf accessories, holiday cards, table throws and business cards, basically all products that benefit name recognition, promotions, campaigns, employee/customer appreciation event

One of the biggest motivations for Stacee and her team is coming up with perfect items that leave lasting impressions on clients' behalves.

What Stacee would share with young women who have entrepreneurial mindsets is there is no “secret” to starting and growing a successful business. "Show up with a positive mindset and work as hard as you can every single day. Even after almost 20 years of owning my own business, I still go to the office every morning and do the same networking, prospecting and relationship building as I did when I started."


Sarah Guldalian
Founder/Principal, Top Notch Brand Company

Based on 20-plus years of marketing and media production experience, Sarah assists clients with establishing and expanding brands. In addition to Top Notch, she founded two other creative marketing agencies: Rhino Hyde Productions and Semi Gloss Marketing. 

The main motivation for Sarah each day, she explains, is to uplift people. "I believe God made each person with a purpose, including unique gifts, talents and relationships to steward. My ultimate desire is to connect people with solutions that lead to real breakthroughs in their lives. I love seeing people win!"

Sarah's also a recognized international speaker and executive director of The Rooted Sisters, a Christian business women’s network across the United States. "We believe in finding the good in the world and shining a light on it," she explains. "Our mission is to encourage, improve and inspire by creating and spotlighting brands that are making the world better."

Sarah states she was a swimmer and that her grandpa told her not to look at the lanes beside her, because it would only slow her down. "This is a metaphor for life and especially for entrepreneurial-minded women, as well: When we compare ourselves to others, we get off-course from our own path. And truly, sister, you don't need to do that. The world needs your gift. You bring something no one else brings to the world. Just focus on your calling and your goals, and you'll find a lot more joy and momentum."


Elizabeth (Liz) OKeefe
CEO, Technical Productions, Inc.

As a self-professed spreader of joy and creator of dreams, Liz heads this certified, woman-owned innovation group who have specialized in live event production, theatrical design, custom scenic solutions and equipment sales for 35-plus years.

"We stand on our integrity, are passionate about changing lives we touch and are about creating relationships for life," she proclaims.

"Dreaming up unique experiences wakes me up at night still! Watching clients fall in love with those concepts and seeing the looks on their faces when we bring them to life is pure joy."

Her team produces custom, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for high-end wedding planners, corporate businesses, nonprofit organizations, houses of worship and theatres of all sizes. She says her team is the talent behind the technology making special events happen. “We consider ourselves fortunate to inspire lives, one audience at a time," she shares. 

Regarding young women wishing to pursue their dreams, Liz recommends they speak to themselves in encouraging, beautiful ways. "Chip away at your insecurities through tiny decisions, one at a time, and hold yourself accountable for a life of impeccable integrity. The world's waiting for your unique story to unfold, and that journey will be another woman’s roadmap to success, if you're courageous enough to share it."

"Also, give yourself permission to hire the best coach for your particular mindset. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend," she adds.

  • Stacee Fernandez, Fashions by Moss Boutique, Hair by Kasey lamm Stoudt
  • Elizabeth (liz) OKeefe
  • Sarah Guldalian, Fashions by Moss Boutique, Hair by Kasey Lamm Stoudt
  • Sarah Guldalian, Fashions by Moss Boutique, Hair by Kasey Lamm
  • Sarah Guldalian, Fashions by Moss Boutique, Hair by Kasey Lamm
  • Elizabeth (Liz) OKeefe
  • On Location at Moss Boutique
  • Stacee Fernandez