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Mocktails Made With Various Fruit Juices

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Entertaining With Fall Drinks

It's Time to Shake Things Up!

It's time to shake things up!  October is the perfect month for trying something new for fall especially if you're ready to go without alcohol.

Let's shake up a perfectly chilled spiced apple cider mocktail at your next fall party!   It can easily be made into a cocktail too by just adding your favorite liquor, vodka, gin, bourbon, or spiced rum.

Non-alcoholic martinis made from apple cider or other fruit juices can be fun and exciting.  They can typically be made in about 5 minutes using a shaker filled with whatever appeals to your taste buds.  

Consider adding cinnamon ginger syrup, cinnamon spices, pumpkin puree or pumpkin spices to apple cider or another fruit juice and then add sparkling water to crushed ice and shake.  You want to make sure all your ingredients are chilled since you'll only just shake your ingredients in the shaker over the ice but not include the ice in your drink. 

Prepare your long stem or martini glass by moving the rim of your glass over a bed of brown sugar for a finishing touch before pouring your drink into the glass.  Consider using chocolate powder or salt too as an option.

Garnish your drink with Apple, lemon, or lime slices, mint leaves, cherries, berries, or other fruit slices and add cinnamon sticks too if you'd like.  

These drinks are usually served cool and refreshing with a hint of warmth, but apple cider mocktails can be served warm or hot too, perfect for a cool fall night on the porch.

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