EP Gives

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation’s Chief Fundraising Event

Food and housing for those who have neither. Vital aid for victims of domestic violence. Support for seniors. Funding for the arts. Places for children to play in. The community that has these is fortunate – but fortune alone can’t provide them. Goodness thrives only where generosity reigns.

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation is an aspect of our town’s kindness. It has made Eden Prairie a better place to call home since its establishment by community members and city leaders in 1981. Over the past five years alone, the foundation has facilitated the philanthropic investment of over $1 million into nonprofits and agencies that serve Eden Prairie

Love thy neighbor. It’s succinct, but it’s all the reason we need to do what we do,” said Greg Leeper, executive director of the Eden Prairie Community Foundation. “Thanks to our volunteers and our donors, we have supported PROP and helped bring the Every Meal Food Program to Eden Prairie Schools. We have partnered with the Sojourner Project, which gives shelter and legal advocacy to the West Metro’s most vulnerable women. We provide funding for the Eden Prairie Community Band, invest in many projects that benefit community members with disabilities, and supported the fundraising for the construction of Miracle League Field and Purgatory Creek Park’s Veterans Memorial. We’re proud of our efforts to support a great variety of needs and opportunities throughout our community.”

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation’s biggest fundraising event of the year will be held on Friday, April 26th at the Marriott Southwest in Minnetonka. Consider this your cordial invitation to EP Gives: an evening of fine food, fine drink and fine company all made even finer by a prevailing air of benevolence.

EP Gives makes donating to the foundation feel even more rewarding thanks to the magic of fabulous prizes. The wine pull is a perennial favorite. Pay $30 to select a random bottle of vino – you won’t get a ‘61 Château Latour, but you’ll be quite pleased nevertheless. The silent auction offers a wide range of gift baskets and experiences from local businesses. And once dinner is done, the foundation will unsilently auction off trips to faraway places. Previous years’ destinations have included Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Boston and Chicago.

“EP Gives isn’t just about raising money for our programs and grantmaking,” said Greg. “It’s also about bringing people together for a great time, and showcasing all the great work we’re doing for our community. I hope you’ll come celebrate our legacy with us, and share the same sense of satisfaction our volunteers are fortunate to feel every day.”

Register for EP Gives today at epgives.org, or make a charitable donation by visiting epcommunityfoundation.org/donate.

What Does the Eden Prairie Community Foundation Do?

  • Issues strategic grants to nonprofits and agencies that serve Eden Prairie
  • Serves as a fiscal sponsor to small groups and organizations that need help with community projects
  • Holds donor-advised funds for families and individuals who want to make a local impact through grantmaking
  • Provides funding for food support for local families, children, and seniors
  • Provides scholarships to local youth
  • Connects community members to resources and fosters volunteerism
  • Brings the community together through fun and meaningful events
  • Supports key services for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and victims of domestic violence
  • Supports initiatives in community education, arts, and culture
  • Serves as a leader and catalyst for community good

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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