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Fort Collins Symphony Is A Local Treasure

When you think of the symphony, you probably imagine a group of musicians playing instruments in a beautiful setting. You might also think of a symphony as being a form of classical music. While it’s true that symphonies are often played by classical musicians, they can also be played by rock artists or even jazz bands.

The symphony is an incredibly versatile form of music and it has been around for hundreds of years. The first symphonies were written during the Baroque period (1600-1750) by composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. It wasn’t until later in the 19th century that composers like Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms began writing works for full orchestra (orchestra) instead of just solo instruments.

The Fort Collins Symphony invites you to experience this magic for yourself. Through a series of concerts that range from family-friendly to deeply profound. The powerful force that is a live symphony will take you places you never thought possible. Music can bring back memories in a split second, yet nothing can spark your imagination like the symphony.

The Fort Collins Symphony is a non-profit organization located in Northern Colorado that provides exceptional music performances and innovative outreach programs. The mission of the Symphony is to “inspire, engage, serve, and enrich the Northern Colorado community through exceptional music performance and innovative outreach programs that resonate with audiences in meaningful, inclusive, and accessible ways”.

Their goal is to bring the magic of the symphony to everyone in Northern Colorado. With their “Escape” series of concerts as well as their community outreach programs they connect people with the universal language of music.

The Fort Collins Symphony presents its latest series of classical concerts all dedicated to a theme we can all relate to - escape. From an introspective “Escape to Reflection” to the family-friendly “Escape to the Zoo”, they have a getaway for everyone.

From its amateur beginnings to the professional orchestra we enjoy today, the Fort Collins Symphony is regarded as one of the premier cultural organizations in the greater Northern Colorado region. We implore you to experience the symphony in their 2023 season.

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