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Escaping the Ordinary Not So Far Away

Jones Farm is Nashville's newest destination to unplug. Experience Tennessee's nature in your backyard.

As the world seems to descend into an increasingly chaotic state, tranquility has become a rare and coveted commodity. Fortunately for the Nashville area, Jones Farm offers a much-needed respite. "For our guests, we aspire to create an environment where the hustle and bustle of daily life slows down, and they're able to take a step back to see what's important, relax, and take a beat from pounding the pavement."

The team at Jones Farm facilitates the rest and relaxation of its guests with a unique blend of natural elements. The property boasts short-term rentals (including cozy cottage cabins and larger lodges) nestled alongside a historic restored barn and saloon. Set amidst the beautiful Tennessee mountainside, "Guests can enjoy a peaceful walk around the pond while being greeted by our ducks, enjoy farm fresh eggs from our chicken, meet our rare albino turkeys, take a dip in (or a moment of pause to listen to) the peaceful and tranquil sounds of the Sycamore Creek.

Guests can enjoy food and drinks served on-site from Jones Farm Kitchen. All our rentals are cozy and have fire pits and park-style grills for those looking for a fun 'glamping' experience." This signature cocktail of nature, simplicity, quality food, and connection proves a particularly potent antidote to chaos.

And while Jones Farm is certainly a haven from the turmoil that lies in the outside world, it's not limited to simply providing a place for rest and relaxation. Jones Farm is so multi-faceted, that it can serve as an ideal space for a wide variety of events - such as concerts, retreats, workshops, and even weddings. Its location, only 20 minutes outside of Downtown Nashville, makes it the ideal spot for those who are seeking both the calm and beauty of the countryside and proximity to the excitement of downtown nightlife.

No matter the nature of the event that takes place at Jones Farm, "guests will be able to come out and enjoy great southern food, hospitality, music, and more." This spirit of hospitality emanates from the owner himself, Layton Jones. Jones was raised in Mississippi with faith, family values, and a strong work ethic as central tenets. Of course, being the product of a Southern upbringing, football was also central to his childhood and as such, he played tight end at Ole Miss University. After college, his athletic abilities took him all the way to Poland, where he played professional football and had the opportunity to travel and experience life outside of the US.

As enriching as travel can be, it can also reignite a love and appreciation for home - a longing for the wide-open spaces that the American South has in spades. When Jones returned home, he settled in Nashville and started his business in real estate and land development. And by virtue of starting Jones Farm, Layton is creating connections in the community. "When people ask us what we do, we always say the list is shorter of what we don't do. We are continuously growing our network and partnering  to put together the best retreats, events, private parties, weddings, and more.”  Layton welcomes new partnerships with local businesses, stating, 'Network is our net worth.’

As for the patrons, Jones Farm has some exciting new packages, events, loyalty programs, and payment options that they will be rolling out soon, as they're passionate about, "bringing people together and creating lasting memories." Let a view of the Tennessee mountains, the taste of farm fresh food, and the calming sounds of nature provide a respite that will restore the soul and set the spirit anew.

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