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ESNTL Headshots

This month, we got to speak to Michael Woodland, owner of ESNTL Headshots. They are a premiere photography studio serving the Midlands with services of Headshots and Event Photography.

When Michael retired from the military, he stuck with what he knew, firearms. For a couple of years, he taught firearm safety, Concealed Weapons Permit classes here in Columbia, SC and enjoyed shooting firearm competitions around the nation. One of my sponsors decided to go into the coffee business and asked me to do a product review. After the video was completed, they contacted me back and said they loved how the video came out and wanted me to take some pictures of the product. I took some pictures, but they did not look right to me, so I decided to take a photography class. While in the class, the instructor, Dr. Thaddeus Jones of Fanatik Productions, stated, “You will discover what you like to take pictures of, just let it happen.” About halfway through the class when we were learning about headshot photography, I discovered my niche. After a few failures and a lot of practice, I discovered a technique that will provide the client with a high-quality, captivating, memorable headshot. This is how the love of headshots and ESNTL headshots was formed.

Having a quality headshot representing your company/brand is often overlooked. This is your opportunity to give your first impression and a visual introduction as to who you are and what you represent. Having a high-quality headshot will make you more appealing to clients, or if you are using the headshot for a job search, can make you appealing to recruiters as well. Times have changed along with techniques, so let us modernize your headshots to have your brand stand out among the competition. The ways a headshot can be essential to your brand is driven by the story the captured image tells. In studies, it was discovered that a person can determine a factor of trust within 1/100 milliseconds.

What separates us from other companies is the finished product. We believe in capturing the genuine emotion that will deliver trust and confidence to those who are viewing your headshot in the future. We go the extra mile to make sure you are in the decision process of what is taking place with the session. We do not charge you for multiple looks or have a time limit. We are dedicated to ensuring we capture the best possible image you will be proud to show everyone.

You can contact Michael Woodland by calling 803-250-6837, emailing, visiting their website at, or following them on Social media @ESNTLheadshots.

For those who are looking to utilize the service of ESNTL Headshots, click on the SCHEDULE tab on our website to get started. You will have a great time; we will capture the right image for your intended use and even promise to capture some images of you being silly. The turnaround time is usually three to five days for individuals and two to three weeks for large groups.

If you are seeking to bring us on for Corporate or group work, we will come to you to make it easier for your organization. For everyone else, we require headshots to be taken at our studio. If you have a special request, you can call or email us so we can see how we can accommodate your request.

We also provide a service for event photography that covers social and corporate events. We utilize a technology that when we take a picture of you, the image is delivered to your phone within a few seconds. If you would like more information on this service contact us so we can give you a demo and talk about the benefits for your next event as well.