Essential Oils You Can Use for Cleaning


Article by Hayley Hyer

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If you like to make your own natural cleaning supplies, you probably already know a few essential oils that are great ingredients to have on-hand. But there are some antibacterial oils that may surprise you! Here is a list of essential oils that can all be used in DIY cleaning products for a safe and natural way to clean your house.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is the Superman of essential oils. Not only is it a super strong cleaner, but it can also fly! Just kidding. But it is a pretty powerful cleaner that can tackle just about anything—including flu viruses. Tea tree is great to have for those messes and smells that need a little something extra.


There's a reason lemon is in most store-bought cleaning products. It works! So you can skip all of the toxic chemicals and go straight to the source. Lemon is safe to use on hardwood floors and furniture, and it dissolves dirt like a champ.


If you have an older home that gets a little musty, or if you've had any water damage, eucalyptus is great for clearing the air of mold and other culprits of your allergy problems.


If you want to keep mice and other critters away without using inhumane tools like glue boards or poison, peppermint is here to save the day! Most rodents have an aversion to peppermint and will steer clear of your home once they catch a whiff.


Lavender is that essential oils that will make every list no matter what topic—its benefits are endless! One huge perk of cleaning with lavender is that it's safe for kids, so you can really use it on anything. Lavender can cleanse all of your household items of germs and keep your curious baby who has to put everything in their mouth safe!

(P.S. Pets aren't as hardy as kids, so do still be careful to not let your furry friend ingest any, please!)


While cinnamon gets rid of germs like these other oils, it's especially great for purifying the air. Some people recommend diffusing cinnamon for 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed to help you breathe better throughout the night.


Anything lemon can do, pine can do too. If you like to switch up your scents by the season, try using pine as the weather cools down and go back to lemon in the spring and summer.


Thyme has an incredible smell, and it's also tough on germs. Keep thyme in your kitchen to clean anything that comes into contact with eggs or raw fish, and it will keep you safe and healthy every time.

For natural cleaning product recipes that use all of these oils, check out 9 Essential Oils for Cleaning by Home Revolution.

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