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Ethiopian Food You Can Make at Home


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Whether you are a vegetarian like me or a hardcore meat lover, there's an Ethiopian dish for you! I first had Ethiopian food from a family-owned food truck in London, and while I'm dreaming of my next vacation once it's safe to travel again, I'm going to be whipping up some of these delicious meals in my apartment to satisfy my craving. Feel free to join me!

Instant Pot Doro Wat—Ethiopian Chicken Stew

Doro Wat is a flavor-packed Ethiopian stew with tender cooked chicken in a fiery Berbere spiced sauce topped with boiled eggs. Traditionally slow cooked for hours, this Instant Pot recipe delivers authentic taste in a fraction of "time. So go ahead and create the flavors of your favorite Ethiopian restaurant dish at home!"

Atakilt Wat—Ethiopian Spiced Cabbage, Carrot and Potatoes

"This easy vegan atakilt wat recipe is one of my favorite parts of any Ethiopian meal! Humble Atakilt Wat is made from cabbage, carrots, and potatoes spiced with fragrant Berbere seasoning. Serve it with simmered lentils and Ethiopian flatbread for an easy weeknight dinner!"

Injera—Ethiopian Flatbread

"Injera is a sourdough-risen and spongy flatbread that is a staple in Ethiopia. It relies on flour made from teff, which is part of the lovegrass family, and produces seeds as tiny as poppy seeds. It is nutrient-dense and gluten-free. Injera is served with stews, both meat-based and vegetarian; a torn-off piece of the flatbread is used to pick up the accompaniments."