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Euphoria Float Spa


Euphoria Float Spa is a boutique day spa balanced by a hometown feel. This center is the heart of the floating scene here in Northampton and the first float tank facility in Western Mass having opened in 2016.  Its current owners, Stefan Sabbagh and Shannon Rogers, help others achieve physical wellness and peace of mind. If you seek a tranquil getaway without having to reserve a resort, Euphoria Float Spa is your escape to paradise.

A sensory deprivation tank (AKA “float tank”) is a zero-gravity environment designed to help your mind and body recover. It's beneficial for everyone: floating improves cognitive function, creativity, and memory. It's a moment to give your brain a rest and absorb new information. In a world where we're addicted to technology, screens, and stimulation it is no surprise what an hour of stillness will do for you.

People wanting to focus on self-care come here to reach a state of relaxation. This includes athletes recovering their muscles, pregnant women benefitting from the buoyancy, military members suffering from PTSD, as well as business professionals visualizing their next strategy for success. In a float tank, the ability to recoup your muscles is 4X faster. This does wonders chronic pain and arthritis. Behind the scenes, your mind and body are at work reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) and releasing dopamine and endorphins (the feel good hormones). You are steered into a mindful state where your brain slows down its internal processing.

If you enter the tank and feel bored or anxious it means your mind is reaching. This is a mental battle, and an example of what happens when we need to take a break. You're encouraged to try more than once because floating is a journey like any practice of meditation. First-time floaters call with concerns about sitting in a dark, small space or the inability to float. Not only does the density of epsom salt pull toxins from your body, it's the secret to what keeps you laying effortlessly afloat!

The tanks at Euphoria look more like cabins (not pods). Here, the space inside the cabin averages 5' x 8'. This area is secured by a glass door that peers into your spacious shower room. When you are floating, you are suspended in water that’s heated to the average skin temperate. Your body’s boundary melts into the weightlessness of water. There is little to no external stimuli such as sights or sounds, and your sense of touch softens. Floaters can illuminate their setting with colored lights or mellow music for added company while slipping into a meditative state. Otherwise, a float session is nearly the only time the brain is not overloaded with stimulation such as lights, sounds, flavors, scents, and sensations.

Customized packages and day spa options are available by adding on reiki and massage. Euphoria Float Spa often has duets on a date or pairs from friends and families call in to request assistance on scheduling their next spa day. Couple’s Massage, Swedish Massage, and Sports Massage are examples of offerings available. Pair these with a sumptuous body scrub or seasonal wrap and float session to complete a full day of self-care and pampering.

Recently, Euphoria featured two popular seasonal scents: a Gingerbread-scent blended into body scrubs and oils plus a Farmhouse Fresh serum smelling of whipped vanilla chantilly creme infused into the wraps and lotions. Each season Euphoria crafts superior scents to offer during their services. This spring may bring bright, floral fragrances or fresh, green, clean aromas that will tantalize your senses!

For self-service booking, visit the website online at Newcomers with questions, or those seeking arrangements for a full spa day, can call the Spa Coordinators at (413) 586-8086.

Euphoria Float Spa
241 King St Suite 117
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-8086

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