Burnout is Real

4 Ways to Protect Your Peace

A woman’s role in today’s society is much more complex (and exhausting) than ever. Whether you’re a woman with children or without, a mother who works outside the home or is a full-time manager of the home, a woman who is just entering the work field or is multiple years into your career journey… All of these roles require a whole lot of time, energy, and resources that are often focused on everyone else, except for yourself.

And quite frankly, we do a pretty awesome job of balancing all of these responsibilities, because well, we are women, and that term is pretty much synonymous with superhero. However, in spite of our ability to wear so many hats, this does not mean it isn’t difficult and often quite stressful. And while this can certainly be overwhelming, here are some ways to prevent burnout, so that you can keep being the amazing woman that you are:  

Social supports: It is really common for women to express that they feel alone and lack social support. They will often say that they either don’t have many friends or don’t have time for the friends they do have. The tough part of this is that as humans, and especially female humans, we are designed for connection and community. So, while it is easy to feel as though you don’t have time for friends, friends might actually be the very thing you need.

Make time for hobbies and passions: Identity is another common struggle many women face. Women often identify as a mother, wife, daughter, employee, etc.; however, when we get lost in the shuffle of our daily roles and responsibilities, we often leave little time for our hobbies, interests, and passions. It is crucial we allow ourselves the time and opportunity to pursue the passions and activities that allow us to identify as more than a function to others.  

Learn to say no: Yes, we know that we can do it all, but that doesn’t mean we have to. One of the biggest mistakes we make as women is refusing to say no, even when we are feeling stressed or over capacity. It is okay not to volunteer, not to bake those cookies, not to pick up the slack for a co-worker, and not to go to the 5th birthday party of the weekend. Learning to say no, is essential for protecting your peace.

Give yourself some grace: Allow yourself not to be everything to everyone. Allow yourself space to rest. Allow yourself grace for moments when you wish you would have done better. A gentle reminder, you are doing an incredible job of caring for your family and balancing a hundred different additional obligations and responsibilities. You are likely exhausted, overwhelmed, and burnt out, but in spite of that, you are still doing it! And that, my friend, is incredibly impressive.

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