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Why Charcuterie Boards are Gaining Popularity at Home and for Events

The popularity of charcuterie boards has skyrocketed in recent years. That has us wondering, what is it about charcuterie that makes it the perfect go-to for events, house parties, or even just a night-in dinner option for the family? We spoke with Brent Stephens, owner of Graze Craze Charcuterie Boards & Boxes in Mount Juliet to get the scoop on why people are serving up charcuterie and satisfying their cravings for the perfect board. 

Charcuterie boards are multifunctional and have a seemingly effortless way of pleasing nearly every pallet. “Charcuterie boards are a crowd favorite because there is something for everybody. Whether you want meat, cheese, vegetables, bread, crackers, fruit, desserts, or hummus/dips, everybody can find something they want… The boards give the “wow” that a lot of catering options do not. It creates an elegant look while still being functionally pleasing. It also creates an icebreaker and something for people to talk about.” Brent explains. He points out that charcuterie boards make for a quick and easy cleanup, always a plus when hosting an event! 

The Graze Craze team works above and beyond to make sure their boards are aesthetically pleasing and made with only fresh ingredients. Hummus, dips, jams, and even bread are all made in-house to ensure that each board or cup they make for their clients is top-notch. Brent says, “I love being able to show up with boards for an event or charcuterie cups for a meeting and watch people get excited. We strive to make people’s day better and easier.”

Graze Craze is breathing life into the adage “You feast with your eyes first.” It’s no wonder why this style of dining has become so popular. Simply put, there’s something for everyone! 

Learn more about what’s popular at Graze Craze Mount Juliet at grazecraze.com/mt-juliet-tn

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