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Everyday Luxury

The handsome new normal at Joseph Wendt

As Naples’ premier destination for bespoke menswear, handmade custom shoes, luxury sportswear, gifts and accessories and fine Italian wines, Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers is preparing for another season of fall fashion. 

Wendt's styling and impeccable tailoring can be seen on celebrities, top businessmen, professional athletes and coaches. His Broad Avenue storefront provides his customers unparalleled personal service and a unique product, all while being surrounded by Naples' finest galleries, shopping and lively Third Street South dining scene. 

Wendt focuses on bringing in fall fashions that are well suited for the Naples climate. When it comes to Florida’s fall weather, Joseph is used to outfitting his clients in fabrics and styles that keep off the chill while still maintaining the lightweight fit they’ve come to know and love. This includes lightweight linens, denim in seasonal shades, luxurious sport coats and more. Of course, every piece in the store is hand selected from Italian businesses, each with a story to tell.  

What makes the upcoming season especially unique is the lack of his clients seeing a need to “dress up” - as most are celebrating special occasions or having boardroom meetings from home. Wendt’s advice? There’s always a reason to dress up and feel your best. He’s become somewhat of an expert in the art of “everyday luxury,” or pieces that are handcrafted to perfection while providing style without the stuffiness. 

Paired perfectly with his high luxury Italian fabrics and shoes is his selection of small production Italian wines. His in-store wine room is decked with lesser known labels that vary in background, flavor and price but never in quality. If you’re a vino aficionado, you’ll appreciate his eye for unique wines, and if you’re ready to learn then pull up a chair and listen. Wendt personally knows the back story and production process for every wine he sells.

As his clients began celebrating more milestone occasions from the comfort of their living rooms, Wendt began crafting hand selected wine packages complete with a few bottles, hand blown crystal glassware and one of his stunning decanters. Just as you can customize and hand select fabrics and finishes, Joseph will curate a selection of wines for any palette or occasion. 

Accomodating the needs of his customers over the last few months, Wendt has traveled to clients' homes or provided them with a private shopping experience in-store. "Primarily, we wanted to create an exceptional buying experience for our customers," says Wendt. Even with social distancing in place, Wendt continues to do just that. Whether it's customizing a selection of Italian wines for an at-home dinner party or re-sculpting a client's wardrobe for dressing up to stay in, Joseph Wendt aims for experiences as unique as his products.

Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers

386 Broad Ave. South