Everyone’s First Call

Pine Landscape Center Helps People Do What Inspires Them

The folks at Pine Landscape Center help two types of do-it-yourselfers. The first type gets more excited and engaged by their project as they discuss it with a staff member. Once they finalize the needed items, the DIYer is confident and ready to start work.

The other DIY type comes into the center excited with their plan. However, once they talk things through, they’re overwhelmed by the amount of work, materials and time the project will require. Who will carry all that stuff from the front to the backyard?

Luckily for all types of Lawrence DIYers, Pine Landscape Center can help them all. The customer service team will help clients choose from a vast array of rocks, wall blocks, mulch, soil, and sod. The staff can discuss a plan, arrange to deliver products or provide recommendations for local landscape contractors to do the work for them.

“Our goal is to inspire people to do what inspires them,” says Managing Owner Kathy Pine. “We’re inspired by the projects they bring to us and want to help them make that a reality.”

The Pine staff will walk customers through all the options. Before coming in, they recommend homeowners:

·      Measure the area you plan to landscape.

·      Bring photos of your ideas from the internet or magazines.

·      Make an aerial outline of your property and its features—trees, shrubs, hills, decks, etc.

·      Keep it simple.         

“If we can’t supply it, we don’t say sorry and hang up the phone. We will do the investigating and get back to them. Even if it’s not something we sell, we will find the resources for them. We want to be everyone’s first call,” Pine says.

Visit the Pine Landscape Center website at PineLandscape.com for more information, or head to their supply yard at 1783 East 1500 Rd, Lawrence, and have a conversation about your next project.

“We’re inspired by the projects they bring to us and want to help them make that a reality.”

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