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Local Specialist Helps Neighbors Find Success ... By the Numbers

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Mackenzie K. Frank of MKF Photo

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

“Intimidation over numbers holds so many business owners back,” Loveland resident Jen Fischer says. “But I know firsthand how finances set the foundation for the life we really want—and I love how bookkeeping is a tool that can help make that happen.”

When she launched her business as a part-time online venture in 2019, Jen wasn’t sure what the reception might be like. Fast-forward to February of last year, when she officially stepped away from a career in the corporate world to take Numbers By Jen full-time.

Specializing in business accounting, Jen provides “lots of encouragement and zero accounting jargon,” as she’s fond of saying, all supplemented by reports and insights designed to put her clients in the driver’s seat. Additionally, Numbers By Jen offers specialized “done-for-you” personal bookkeeping services (although she does add that limited spots for this fill up quickly).

So, what’s Jen doing that’s so special? “I’m all about approachable, fear-free bookkeeping that frees you up to do your thing,” Jen says, with a reassuring, confident smile. “I help you understand your numbers so that you can do more of what’s meaningful to you—in your business, and in your life.”

And business is booming: Numbers By Jen is already balancing the books for a number of local individual and business clients. Jen is quick to note the pride she feels in bringing the community together through shared success.

“I knew Loveland was a close-knit town before going full-time with my business, but I didn’t discover the extent of it until I became involved in the business community,” Jen says, today. “The support for one another is incredibly heartwarming!” | @numbersbyjen   

Set Your Business Up for Financial Success

1. Enact the “Golden Rule”
In bookkeeping, we like to call it the “Golden Rule” because it’s one of the most important things you can do when starting a business—establish a clear separation between your personal and business finances. Doing this will help you stay organized and compliant, and it make it easier to track income and expenses.

2. Get basic legal advice
Consider further separation of personal assets and business assets by consulting with a lawyer to determine the type of business entity that makes sense for you. Show yourself and your business the respect they deserve!

3. Develop a method of tracking numbers
On Day One (yes, your very first day in business!), have a method for tracking income and expenses—it will help you stay on top of finances, and make filing taxes much easier.

4. Save your receipts!
The IRS considers it your responsibility to prove all entries and statements on your tax return, and this is best accomplished with supporting documents.