Ewe and Me Creamery

Bringing the Joy of Dairy Back to the Intolerant

Born and raised in California and the epitome of a city girl, Delaney knew absolutely nothing about country living, let alone farm life. Six years ago, ninety percent of everyday consumed foods were no longer safe for Delaney Drake to eat. Major gastrointestinal issues and intense  

stomach pain had become her daily companion, leaving Delaney miserable in the fetal position isolated from enjoying relational activities. After seeking the expertise of a nutritionist,  numerous amounts of food were declared an allergen and taken out of Delaney’s diet. Having common foods stripped from her familiar lifestyle was incredibly difficult emotionally and physically. Her heath, mental state, and family all went through extreme transitioning. One of the foods taken out of her diet was dairy. Delaney tried goat cheese as a replacement option,  but it did not agree with her body. After tasting sheep’s milk ice cream, Delaney had finally found a food that didn’t affect her at all, sheep’s milk. This new discovery sparked a  revolutionary idea for Delaney and her family. She and her sister decided to start their own small business out of their new love for sheep’s milk products. In 2020, Delaney bought 4 baby girl lambs, which are called Ewes, and began her journey to establish what is now known as  Ewe and Me Creamery. Delaney had in fact done little to no research on raising sheep, but instead learned along the way. In this modern-day and age, dairy allergies and intolerances are quite common amongst the average individual. While cow products have a high lactose content, sheep’s milk has the least amount of lactose and proteins that most find themselves unable to tolerate. Sheep’s milk is actually even sweeter than regular dairy, is similar to the texture of melted ice cream, and contains the purest fat content. The amount of products and meals that can be made with sheep’s milk is endless. Delaney has created soaps, ice cream, and cheese, and currently working on yogurt. These endless possibilities add variety and joy back into the lives of those with dairy allergies and other health issues. Sheep’s milk has opened a  pandora’s box of recipes and meals for Delaney that has completely changed her life. She says the goal of her business is to “provide an option for those who have none,” since she was in that exact situation before. Ewe and Me Creamery operates with herd shares, where customers buy shares of the sheep and pay for the milk being produced. Delaney highly encourages her customers to bring their children and orchestrate field trips to her farm. She stresses the  importance of, “creating a personal connection between the food and the farmer.” Children today need to be taught their original food source is the farm, not the grocery store. Delaney and her family have fallen in love with sheep’s milk and thoroughly enjoy sharing it with the  world. 

For more information on Delaney or Ewe and Me Creamery visit their Facebook or Instagram at  @eweandmecreamery. 

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