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Excellence Through People

Revolutionizing HR and what it means

Human Resources has been relegated to a department that haunts people’s dreams,  while being misunderstood as a mere administrative function of payroll and benefits. We talked with Thad Bragulla, CEO of Enhance HR and Business Solutions about taking the fear out of HR and helping companies achieve excellence through people. Enhance HR is dismantling the “principal's office” myths and providing the essential framework companies need to create structure to elevate their clients to new heights. Whether it’s managing talent, handling risks, fostering culture, ensuring compliance, succession planning and mediating conflicts – HR is the backbone and driving force that fuels a company’s success and they’re here to revolutionize the HR experience for small business.

  1. What’s the difference between and Enhance HR and other HR companies? 

    1. Culture is key. Enhance develops a strong business relationship with both management and labor within organizations to provide practical, sustainable and affordable solutions to a broad scope of human resources challenges, regardless of industry.  Our approach provides the highest probability of ROI and results in improved efficiencies across labor expense, cultural development, as well as general compliance. 

  2. How do you develop that culture? 

    The level of success an organization achieves is directly related to the engagement level of its employees.  Why not provide them the support they need to meet and exceed those goals?  The modification of human behavior, effective administration, compliance, and strategic HR applications are not a do it yourself project. Companies require a cultivated structure with key processes that align with the needs and demands of the unique workforce.
  3. How does your company structure benefit the businesses you work with?

    Without the proper level of employee engagement and performance, a company may fall short on achieving its organizational goals and objectives.   We believe the best designed business plan in the world is only as good as a team’s ability to execute; and we know the benefits from mitigating risk, increased employee productivity and engagement, and improved performance outweighs any costs associated with retaining our firm. .
  4. How are you changing the way people perceive HR?

    1. Most employers only know “HR” in the capacity of payroll, benefits and administration. We open the eyes of our clients and help them gain a new perspective on the world of HR.   T Administrative  HR assets do not provide strategic management to the company. Many company leaders are skipping over putting energy in the direction of employee engagement and development.  They lack access to design programs and policies that enhance and encourage human capital to perform at optimal levels. We provide them tools that compliment their business plan. Enhance provides senior level expertise in both HR and business development. A true business partner for the organization as a whole.

“HR is not the principal’s office. We’re breaking that stigma by helping companies cultivate safe, healthy, and efficient work cultures.”