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Charting New Waters

Exclusive Yachts Redefines the Yachting Experience

Article by City Lifestyle Naples Staff

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Originally published in Naples City Lifestyle

Imagine the unparalleled joy of cruising aboard a state-of-the-art yacht, watching a perfect sunset, a chilled drink in hand, surrounded by loved ones or esteemed clients. This idyllic scene, once reserved for yacht owners or those willing to brave the uncertain world of ad-hoc charters, is now within reach thanks to Naples-headquartered Exclusive Yachts™. 

Exclusive Yachts’ innovative membership club redefines luxury yachting by offering hassle-free access to a diverse fleet of luxury vessels without the burdens of ownership. With over 10 yachts available right here in Naples and Marco Island, as well as another 40+ yachts in destinations throughout the globe, their ability to offer member experiences on vessels from South Florida to the Mediterranean (and beyond) is unparalleled for a membership club. The club is also able to book nearly any destination and yacht in the world through their “Exclusively Yours” option using broker partnerships.

Welcome to what Exclusive Yachts calls, “Yachting. Smarter.”

The Exclusive Yachts Difference

Exclusive Yachts is a subscription-based yachting membership club that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of yacht ownership without any of the headaches. Members pay a one-time initiation fee and select from five membership tiers, each granting an annual allotment of YachtPoints™. A member’s YachtPoints can then be redeemed for days aboard a variety of luxury vessels ranging from 35 to 120+ feet. 

Think of it like a jet-card program, where instead of buying hours in the sky, you’re purchasing days on the water. Exchange your YachtPoints for one full day in one destination and maybe seven days in another. Mix up destinations, durations, and yacht sizes however you choose, so long as you have enough YachtPoints to cover the experience. Run out of YachtPoints? You can buy more as needed, or let unused points roll over one year.

Moreover, planning your yachting experience is a breeze with the help of Exclusive Yachts' dedicated concierge team. Simply choose your date, destination, and vessel class, and their team of experienced yachting professionals will take care of the rest. Services include customizing itineraries, selecting bespoke food and beverage options, and ensuring all operational details—like docking, fuel, and crew gratuities—are covered with member YachtPoints. 

Personal Membership: Unforgettable Experiences

For individuals and families, Exclusive Yachts offers a way to create unforgettable memories on the water. Whether it’s an intimate family celebration or an escapist vacation, the luxury vessels and personalized service ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. With the club’s flexible YachtPoints system, members can easily plan their yachting adventures without worrying about the logistics and costs associated with ownership and ad-hoc chartering. 

“Exclusive Yachts is part of the next era of yachting that capitalizes on not only the sharing economy but also the rise of the experience economy,” says CEO David Arredondo. “Our members enjoy the sensation of owning a fleet of luxury yachts, with none of the traditional hassles. It’s an opportunity to live the yachting lifestyle to the fullest, with every detail tailored to your preferences.”

Exclusive Yachts is able to assist members with simple 1-day trips and ½-day evening events, as well as longer 3- to 5-day jaunts and week-long vacations. That’s an option you rarely find possible with traditional charter brokerages, where term charters are the norm.

Corporate Membership: Elevating Business Entertainment

In today’s competitive business environment, standing out is more challenging than ever. Traditional corporate entertainment venues, like golf courses and sporting events, have become the expected norm. Exclusive Yachts offers a refreshing alternative that sets the stage for meaningful interactions in unforgettable surroundings. As Exclusive Yachts’ latest campaign says, “Yachts are the new golf course.”

With an Exclusive Yachts corporate membership, businesses can host unique and memorable events that leave a lasting impression on clients, prospects, and employees. Imagine sailing away from the noise and distractions of typical venues, where the tranquil sea becomes the backdrop for productive and engaging gatherings. Corporate members can customize their events with the help of their concierge team, ensuring that every detail reflects their brand and objectives.

“Yachts provide an unparalleled setting for business interactions… Being at sea in such luxurious surroundings creates an atmosphere where ideas flow and conversations are inspired” says CMO Julie Perry. Corporate memberships come with the same flexible YachtPoints system, covering all expenses except provisions. This transparency and predictability make Exclusive Yachts the smart choice for businesses looking to enhance their corporate entertainment and engagement strategies.

Your Gateway to Luxury Yachting

Joining Exclusive Yachts is straightforward: pay the one-time initiation fee, select your membership tier, and start redeeming YachtPoints for unforgettable yachting experiences. Whether you’re planning a personal getaway or a corporate event, their team is there to ensure every detail is perfect.

Embrace the future of yachting and discover how “Yachting. Smarter.” can transform your leisure and business experiences on the water. To learn more about Exclusive Yachts or to become a member, visit