Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

Yes, The Sports Car Of Your Dreams Is Within Reach

Specializing in exotic and performance car sales and consignment, and servicing, Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma is the state's premier car dealer located in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Located at 220 S. Kelly Ave., Exotic Motorsports is the dream child of Eliud Villarreal, who started the exotic vehicle showroom with business partner, Braiden Bond. 

"At the beginning of 2018, my brother-in-law Braiden and now business partner had the idea to start an exotic car dealer. I didn’t think he was serious until he began to send me places to lease. In the beginning, it was not something that I wanted to do just because of the fear of being in business on my own and the possibility of not having a steady income," Villarreal said.

"However, I feel like the Lord laid down opportunities and helped move things into action that made it clear to me that this is what I was called to do." 

The business took off. Within five months of opening, they had an average inventory of 30 pre-owned exotic vehicles, averaging 10 to 12 sales a month. Although pre-owned, the cars all come to the store looking as if they are brand-new. Today, the average inventory is 60 to 70 pre-owned exotic vehicles with sales averaging 40 to 45 monthly.

"We have anything from old classic cars to new or exotic cars. A lot of these cars are on consignment, and we are very aggressive on our consignment rates. Typically when you consign a car or take a car to auction, they charge about 10 percent. Well, since we have low overhead, we charge 7 percent, and that means it's more money for the owner," Eliud says. "We market the car for them on various websites just as if they were our cars."

Ultimately, Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma makes a car enthusiast's dream come true.

Today, the business has expanded so much that the company is expanding into a larger space located right next door.

"A lot of these cars a lot more affordable than what you think," Eliud said. "You ask yourself, 'Is a $100,000 Lamborghini affordable?' You can ask the same question if a $100,000 Cadillac Escalade is affordable because if you go to any new Cadillac store, new Escalades cost $90,000. So yeah, we fulfill dreams, and we help people find ways to purchase vehicles. We also locate vehicles for customers."

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