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Board and Brush Parker offers your inner artist a place to thrive

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist and have a blast doing it? Look no further than Board & Brush in Parker! Founded in December 2022 by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Missi Hackman and Lindsay Newsom, this franchise offers a variety of exciting classes, special events, and private parties that cater to all levels of crafting ability.

According to Lindsay, their decision to step into the world of Board & Brush was a no-brainer. “We decided to purchase [an existing franchise] because Missi was an employee,” she says, “and when the current owner announced they were selling, she brought it up.” After discussing the business opportunity with their families, Lindsay and Missi took the plunge. They purchased the business and embraced their new creative journey.

Interacting with customers, building relationships, and fostering a sense of community have been immensely rewarding to Lindsay and Missi, bringing them “so much joy.” And their hard work has paid off. Board & Brush Parker was ranked 26 out of 267 stores during the first half of 2023, and they have a promising fall season ahead.

Board & Brush conducts kids’ camps, theme nights, and family-friendly sessions, as well as private parties for birthdays, team building, and other occasions. And, although choosing a starter project might seem overwhelming, Missi and Lindsay ensure that everyone is welcome—and capable. “We don't try to limit any project to anyone,” Lindsay shares, “no matter what their experience level is. We are here to help everyone through the whole process.” From glass etching to doormats, benches, and even oversized backyard games, Missi and Lindsay say there is literally something for everyone.

When asked specifically about their culinary projects, Lindsay says trays are one of their most popular projects. “Especially when we offer the specialty class of charcuterie along with it.” The studio collaborates with Blissful Boards, another women-owned business, for charcuterie classes, resulting in beautiful boards. And with hundreds of designs to choose from—many focusing on kitchen and bars—glass etching is also a great option, as bar glasses and pie plates are a hit for gift giving.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, Board & Brush Parker is gearing up for a festive time. “We expect to be extremely busy over the holidays,” Lindsay says. “We have great options for holiday decorating and gifts.”

For those eager to join in the creative fun, pricing ranges from $73 to $78 for typical classes. Each class includes all materials and a completed project. Specialty classes offer more intricate projects for $88 to $219, while a mini-class option is available at $35 to $38. And at-home kits can be purchased for $25, which include pre-stained wood, a stencil, and a paintbrush. To join a class or book a private event, clients can conveniently pre-register on the Board & Brush Parker website at

Missi and Lindsay also have a special VIP club for their dedicated clients. After attending three workshops between August and January, participants will be invited to an exclusive VIP workshop, featuring treats and prizes.

As they near their one-year anniversary, Missy and Lindsay are enthusiastic about their future, but the mother-daughter duo expresses gratitude for the opportunity to create, connect, and share their passion for crafting with others. To them, it’s “a labor of love”—a sentiment that's evident in every corner of their studio.

So, whether you're a crafting novice or a seasoned DIY expert, Board & Brush Parker promises a memorable experience filled with creativity, camaraderie, and a whole lot of fun. Don't miss your chance to be part of this artistic adventure—right here in Parker!

“We don't try to limit any project to anyone, no matter what their experience level is. We are here to help everyone through the whole process.” —Lindsay Newsom