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Training sessions with EMS Denver may look a little different than a traditional workout: They involve wearing an EMS antibacterial bodysuit and vest. This vest delivers currents to all eight muscle groups, reaching deeper muscle tissues and is known as electronic muscle stimulation.

CEO and founder of EMS Denver, Meredith Munden, was inspired to join the fitness industry after reflecting on the values and lessons learned through her own sports career. At EMS Denver, Meredith prides herself on inspiring, challenging and helping all clients build confidence in themselves and their physical abilities.

First things first…what is electronic muscle stimulation?

EMS training is a whole-body workout that promotes weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth and relieves tensions and muscular imbalances. As a form of personal training, the workout can be adapted to numerous individual training goals. 

What exactly does EMS Denver cater to? What are some programs you offer?

EMS Denver is a concierge service providing a time-efficient, strength and endurance workout that is highly effective and scientifically proven. We come to your home, office or local gym. In just 20 minutes, clients feel the results of a 2.5-hour full-body workout. 

This training method is great for men and women of all ages. The programs we offer provide assistance to performance athletes, mature clients, golf performance clients, as well as everyday enthusiasts.

Is EMS Training dangerous?

No, it’s actually much safer than traditional forms of strength training. Our device, Miha Bodytec, is FDA-approved and developed using the latest in German engineering to create the safest and most efficient workout on the market. 

What are the overall benefits of EMS? 

According to FDA-approved scientific studies, EMS increases muscle strength, helps tighten, tone and helps change fat to muscle. It improves circulation, blood flow, core strength and overall physical performance. It makes people feel healthier and stronger. EMS not only promotes muscle recruitment but has the added benefit of training the mind and body to work in unison. 

What inspired you to bring EMS to Denver? 

I grew up swimming competitively starting at the age of five years old, working my way up to the collegiate level. After I tried EMS for the first time, I was immediately hooked—it was the sorest I had felt since my swimming days. The more I did EMS, the easier hiking, biking, running and my endurance with weight training got! I wanted to bring EMS to Denver so that everyone could feel stronger in their activities too! 

My goal is to spread the word to as many people as I can to get awareness out about how this technology can benefit everyone and what my wellness program has to offer. I hope to open a studio soon that provides more than just EMS and includes other wellness programs.

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