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Experience the LifeSTYLE Before You Move In

Why The Village at Gainesville is the right choice for you!

Eliminate the guesswork.  With The Village at Gainesville’s Association Club Membership, you experience an extraordinary senior living lifestyle before you make a decision. By joining, you take advantage of the community’s resort lifestyle, plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet potential new neighbors and lock in today’s independent living rate (and move in later). With membership, you can take the time to decide what – and when – is best for you.

“When choosing the perfect retirement lifestyle, why take a leap of faith?” asks Rebecca Catalanotto, executive director at The Village. “There’s no better way to learn about The Village than to experience full access to the community services and amenities we offer.”

The Association Club’s first member, Dr. Robert Slaton, agrees. “I have access to dining venues, pools and fitness centers, life-enrichment programs, the Vitality Program, and the friendships – before moving in.”

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