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Located in the heart of Bellevue, The Bellettini offers discerning seniors exceptional maintenance-free living and outstanding services, programming, and amenities. But, what truly sets The Bellettini apart are the extraordinary people who call The Bellettini community home. Like a vividly colored tapestry, each resident's unique backgrounds and accomplishments intermingle, creating inspirational stories, exciting connections, and one amazing community.

Take, for example, these three Bellettini women who each led vastly different lives but expressed the same steadfast strength, persistence and commitment to their fields.

Linda Scott DeRosie

Favorite Quote: "There is no limit to what women can accomplish." – Michelle Obama

Linda Scott DeRosier had an extensive and accomplished career in psychology. Linda spent her early years in Eastern Kentucky. At 20, she received her BS degree from Pikeville College before earning a master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University and a second from Harvard University. She completed a cross-disciplinary doctorate (Ph.D.) in philosophy, education, and psychology at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. DeRosier has studied, visited, or lectured in 50 states and more than 50 countries. Topics ranged from issues of aging, class, and culture to family relationships to teaching in the multicultural classroom. She has done mediation, counseling, and consulting with ministerial associations, psychiatric centers, and school systems; and taught at nine different colleges and universities (tenured at the last four).

She is the former editor of the Southeastern Women's Studies Newsletter. She has also published short fiction, articles on psychology and culture, two award-winning books including, Creeker: A Woman's Journey and Songs of Life and Grace, and co-authored a textbook and workbook, Understanding Psychology.

Linda says her most significant achievement is that, after forty-some years of teaching psychology, she can now have a nervous collapse in almost any state in the U.S. and be attended to by a therapist who is a former student.

Joan Baker

Favorite Quote: "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." – Unknown

Joan Baker moved from the United Kingdom to Palo Alto, California, in 1965 at the invitation of Stanford Medical Center to open the department of ultrasound. For more than 40 years, she taught medical personnel, including ultrasound and nuclear medicine courses.

Joan was the co-founder and first president of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and founder and first chair of the American Registry Diagnostic Medical Sonography. She was chair of the Joint Review Committee Diagnostic Medical Sonography and a National Delegate to Nuclear Medicine.

Joan became interested in occupational injury in 1995 and had been studying its impact on the field of sonography. She has talked on this subject to sonographers and held tutorials to educate them on the risks and prevention of these injuries all over the United States and in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and China.

In 2000, Joan opened Sound Ergonomics in Woodinville, Washington, providing worksite assessments and the development of ergonomic programs for diagnostic imaging professionals. Today, Joan continues to oversee the business as president.

Emma "Emy" Morris

Favorite Quote: "Dedicate yourself to being the best you can be." – Emma Morris

Emma "Emy" Morris knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was five years old. During World War II, she completed nurse's training at St. Vincent's Hospital in Montana. In 1962, Emy began working for Overlake Hospital, where she enjoyed a 46-year career.

As the most tenured nurse at Overlake, Emy recorded over one million hours serving patients. She has enjoyed every aspect of nursing, including bedside, but her favorite has been working as an operating room nurse and has done nearly every kind of surgery.

When Emy started as an operating room nurse, Overlake was still the little wooden hospital sitting between a pig and dairy farm. Staff could look out the window in the surgery area and see cows grazing. Throughout her tenure, Emy has seen five expansions that have transformed the hospital into a 337-bed facility.

Spirituality has always been at the center of her life. Now in her retirement, Emy enjoys being involved with The Bellettini's weekly church services organized and led by residents.   


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