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Experiences Guests are Craving This Year!

Short-term Rental Trends for 2022

Have you decided to lend your home as a short-term rental option? The most successful listings create an experience and often include elements of local flavors and culture in every property. Sticking to a theme will help you rack up positive responses and ensure your property is booked year-round. Also, keep up-to-date information on local events handy for guests to partake in our unique culture! Here are three trends for 2022 short-term rentals. 

Modern Southwest: Albuquerque is a mecca of rich cultural heritage, making it ideal to use cultural elements for a unique experience. Southwestern architecture provides the foundation but is not necessary. Simply blend distinctive Southwestern elements with modern furnishings to create this vibe. Provide your favorite local salsa and chips to spice up their experience. Include information on cultural sites and events so guests have options to immerse themselves in the Land of Enchantment!

Hygge: Prompt a cozy revolution in your guests' fast-paced world. Many are craving simplicity and a return to a quiet, more centered time. Create an experience that focuses on comfortable intimacy. Use low lighting, wonderful chunky textures, and muted colors. Bring the outdoors in using wood accents, rattan baskets, and natural fibers. Guests who gravitate to this experience likely crave the outdoors, so be sure to provide information on hiking trails and our beautiful Bosque!

Cozy Minimalistic- A bright and clean space allows guests to calm their minds and just breathe. White walls provide the foundation. Use furnishings with smooth, clean lines. Bring in accents made from natural materials and plants to give it a warm and lively feel. Sparingly add art and color to décor, but edit carefully to maintain a quiet, decluttered space. This is the perfect space to include a very unusual décor piece for interest. Have herbal teas on hand to envoke comfort and provide info on local yoga studios to maintain the Zen experience.