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Expert Advice on Managing Mental Health


Article by Hayley Hyer

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We all have tons of responsibilities pulling us in a million different directions. On top of that, life happens. And sometimes we go through really tough things that don't just take a weekend to recover from. If you are looking for resources on managing stress, anxiety, intense emotions or PTSD, scroll through these articles to find everyday tips and healing methods from mental health professionals.

Experts on Creating a Work-Life Balance

If you have been working from home and are now transitioning back to your office, you may find it a bit hard to adjust. You probably had gotten settled into your routine at home and found a nice rhythm for getting your work done while also managing whatever was going on at your house at the same time with pets or family members.

Here are some experts' advice on returning to the office while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Experts on Setting Healthy Boundaries

We learn as kids that boundaries help keep us safe. But as we get older, it becomes more challenging to set boundaries with people we love. Kind-hearted people who want to always be there for family members can easily exhaust themselves and run out of steam if healthy boundaries are not in place. Setting boundaries actually helps you have better relationships with the people in your life because you are never trying to pour from an empty cup. You'll have more open communication and be able to share your needs as well.

Here are some tips from experts on boundary setting in a variety of relationships.

Experts on Finding Peace + Healing

We all go through difficult things in life. Sometimes, it feels like it's all happening at once, and the pressure to keep operating like normal gets bigger and bigger. How do we take time for ourselves to process and heal from what we go through while still showing up for the friends and family who rely on us?

Here are some tips from experts on healing and finding peace when you feel overwhelmed from it all.

Dialectical Thinking for Mental Health

You may have heard of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, also referred to as DBT, in mental health circles. This form of therapy uses dialectical thinking to help people who are dealing with a variety of mental health issues learn how to process their emotions in a way that does not create more traumatic stress for them.

Whether or not you suffer from a mental illness, practicing dialectical thinking can help you manage stress better, communicate better with the people you love, and become healthier and happier in your day-to-day life. Here are some resources from the experts!