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Casa de Cristal

Niche Design House's Latest Gem

Tucked within the majestic embrace of the Rockies, Estes Park sparkles with myriad treasures. From the awe-inspiring grandiosity of Long’s Peak and the renowned Rocky Mountain National Park to the bustling avenues of Estes, this enclave promises a myriad of adventures for every wanderlust soul. Travel up the winding roads that lead to the latest project by Niche Design House.

For those yearning for luxury amidst their mountain sojourn, Casa de Cristal emerges as the ultimate sanctuary. This freshly revamped property masterfully juxtaposes the rugged beauty of the Rockies with sophisticated interior elegance, thanks to the visionary designers at Niche Design House. Casa de Cristal now shines as Estes Park's newest jewel.

Drawing inspiration from its breathtaking locale, Niche Design House has innovatively transformed this stellar property, breathing new life and purpose into every corner.

As the pinnacle of interior design in Northern Colorado, Niche Design House's impeccable craftsmanship on Casa de Cristal is a testament to the transformative power of design excellence.

Casa de Cristal has undergone a transformative renovation. By harnessing natural light and blending the external landscape into its design, this rental property has evolved into an unparalleled sanctuary.

Each of the three levels of the home were redesigned with a balance of flow and function to create an intuitive ease and comfort within the practical layout. The designers also integrated luxury and elegance in harmony with the sweeping views that embraced the majesty of the surrounding mountains. 

From the moment of entering Casa de Cristal, the breathtaking view of the Rockies immediately welcomes you. The stunning mountain-scape was the inspiration for the carefully crafted interior design— a beautiful contrast from the luxurious indoors to the rugged outdoors. This interaction between the setting and the polished interior is what creates a unique and artistic aesthetic. 

The idea of beauty within beauty is reflected in this space, everywhere you look. Previously dark and outdated, the main space of Casa de Cristal is now spacious and harmonious with the rugged terrain that lies just out the doors. The unexpected details are what make the design distinctive. Nothing says luxury quite like the grand chandelier in the main area, unexpected from a cabin in the woods. Each accessory and piece of furniture was hand selected from brands such as Hi-End Accents, Uttermost, Feizy, Renwil, Surya, and Hooker. It all works together to create this high-end aesthetic. 

Reminiscent of a quaint mountain cabin, but with the opulence of this impressive design, the polished travertine-clad fireplace is the perfect example of incorporating elements of the previous design into the new. It’s a perfect place for all that stay here to gather and sit around the fire and partake in the age-old tradition of telling stories around a roaring fire. 

By expanding the once-narrow hallways on Casa de Cristal's upper floor, the breathtaking views are further integrated into the home's layout. The seamless extension of polished travertine from the main level to the upper floor ensures a harmonious transition throughout.

The basement of Casa de Cristal serves as a communal hub, curated specifically for vibrant social interactions and enjoyment. The inclusion of a bunk room infuses a playful, child-friendly atmosphere. Simultaneously, the area exudes the ambiance of a chic local tavern—a spot where every face is familiar, all while maintaining the sophisticated elegance inherent to the rest of the home.

Utilizing the same flagstone found in the property's outdoor spaces within the basement establishes a harmonious transition from the rugged outdoors to the elegant indoors. The presence of local reclaimed wood echoes the enchanting aura of the Rocky Mountains. It's this intricate blend of outdoor and indoor elements that sets this residence apart as a unique masterpiece.

Pool tables, high-top tables, and casual lounge seating make this basement space versatile and encourages its guests to enjoy their time by relaxing, connecting, and playing games. This pub-like atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind and put your feet up. 

Every piece of furniture in the home has been thoughtfully selected, prioritizing both comfort and functionality. Each area seamlessly flows into the next, retaining its distinct character and purpose. Notably, the basement's plush, low-slung furnishings enhance its ambient lounge vibe.

Masterfully renovated by the talented team at Niche Design House, Casa de Cristal emerges as a beacon of luxury and elegance amidst the rugged backdrop of the Rockies. Experience a haven of unparalleled sophistication, truly a gem in its rawest setting.

Estes Park Fun Facts:

  • The town was named for Joel Estes and his wife Patsy, who traveled from Kentucky to become the first permanent residents.
  • The layout of the town was established within the first decade of its founding and remains mostly intact to this day.
  • There are several places in Estes Park on the National Historic Register, including the Stanley Hotel, Moraine Park, McGraw Ranch, Fall River Pump House, Leiffer House, and more.

"The remodel of Casa de Cristal wasn't just about aesthetic transformation; it was about capturing the essence of the Rockies through thoughtful use of local materials and a design that opens up to the breathtaking surroundings, we've created a space that resonates with both the tranquility of nature and the luxury of modern living. This is more than a home; it's an experience that echoes the beauty of Estes Park." — Sara, Niche Design House