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Dr. Joseph Thompson explores technological innovation in dentistry to improve the patient experience

Article by By Bethany Wiley, MPH, RYT

Photography by Tiara Rose Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Since Dr. Joseph Thompson acquired his dental practice in 2005, much has changed – in his personal life, professional life, and for his dental practice, Thompson Advanced Dentistry. I sat down with Dr. Thompson to discover how he explores change and the unexpected, and how his positive attitude impacts all aspects of his life. 

Tell me about yourself and what brought you to Colorado?

I grew up in Nebraska and I’m still a Cornhusker fan, of course! My wife, Kathleen, and I moved to Greeley in 2004 after graduating from the University of Nebraska. A short while later, we started having kids and now we have four daughters – ages 12, 9, 7, and 3. The lifestyle brought us to Colorado! We love skiing and outdoor activities. 

How do you encourage your kids to be active?

I’ve always been active, but now it’s about the girls – we’re always skiing, and running around to soccer, gymnastics, and basketball. I introduced skiing to my oldest. She competed for five years in Big Mountain, a regional skiing competition. We used to ski about 40 days a year, but now we focus more on local activities. 

What do you like about Greeley? 

Even though Greeley has changed a lot since we moved here, it still feels small enough to run into people when we’re out. It has that community feel that we want our kids to grow up in.

What was the transition like acquiring a dental practice in 2005 and building a new office?

There were challenges. I started practicing at age 25 and patients told me I looked like I was 12. The biggest challenge was gaining people’s trust, but we were able to do that overtime. I had a great staff that helped me with the transition. We built the new office in 2013, which expanded our square footage and allowed for technology changes, upgrades, and equipment.

What makes your practice stand out? 

We’re not trying to be the biggest office in town; our focus is relationships. We also stand out with what we offer. We do our own implant surgeries and cosmetic work. We shine in the big cases, where many dentists might refer out. We can work with patients to restore and give them their dream smile.  

How do you stay current with technology trends and advancements in dentistry? 

When I first graduated from dental school, I took continuing education nonstop, which was before I had kids. I was taking at least 100 hours a year, so I have a solid core knowledge. Now I can just focus on learning new technology. I like to stay up on the latest trends and how technology affects implant and cosmetic dentistry. If there’s something out there that is going to make us better, I’m all over it! 

How does embracing technology improve the patient experience? 

The biggest thing is having the predictability to know what you’re getting into before surgery. For implants, I do a CT scan, a digital scan, and then we merge those into an implant planning software. We virtually place the implant before we even consider doing the surgery. It’s planning before actually doing the surgery, so it’s the perfect fit. It makes an implant surgery simple, less invasive, and a lot of times, there’s no postoperative pain.


Dr. Thompson appreciates having a good team beside him. They are an example of what it’s like to have fun at work and he believes that spills over into the patients, making them feel at home and comfortable. With a focus on family, community, and serving the needs of his patients, Dr. Thompson and his team continually explore innovative technologies to improve patient care.

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